sakusa kiyoomi’s ‘just made a friend’ face

sakusa kiyoomi’s ‘just made a friend’ face



Thinking about a soulmate AU I read about where you can’t see your soulmate until meeting some unknown criteria, for #sakuatsu ruining tropes of course

They’d both figure it out around the same time, the first tournament that both Inarizaki & Itachiyama made it to, bc they’d both be watching other powerhouse teams play & it wouldn’t take long to be like “uh why did that volleyball just spike itself?”

Sakusa would probably be the quicker to notice, because it would be pretty easy to spot that the team taking the court doesn’t seem to have a setter. And oh, yeah, isn’t Inarizaki the team that’s supposed to have the infamous twins on the starting lineup?

(Komori is with him when he figures it out and is absolutely insufferable. Sakusa walks away mid-game because of him. And, well, because watching a game with an invisible setter is incredibly weird.)

Atsumu works it out similarly watching Itachiyama — except he turns it into a fight with Samu, because of course he does.

He can’t figure out why the ball just sort of… went crazy midair. Samu thinks Atsumu is fucking with him (which, fair), and they’re kicking each other before Atsumu realizes his soulmate must be on the court.

Do they dance around each other, unsure and nervous, making their lives more difficult? Hell no, this is sakuatsu ruining tropes. Sakusa doesn’t have time to waste with uncertainty; he’s got volleyball to play!

It seems clear that Itachiyama and Inarizaki are destined for the finals, and how are they supposed to play a fair match if they each have one player that’s blind to a key member of their opponent’s team? Sakusa will not abide such an unnecessary handicap.

He marches over to (who he has Komori explain is) the visible twin, and says, “Your brother is my soulmate. We need to find our visibility trigger before the end of the tournament.” Atsumu is standing /right there/ when this happens, and turns red in embarrassment.

He also smacks Samu’s arm and asks if Sakusa is cute. (With this, Sakusa learns that they are invisible to each other, but not inaudible.) “He ain’t ugly enough to deserve dealing with you fer the rest’a his life,” Samu says. Sakusa thinks he’s offended?

“I can hear him, so you’re no longer needed,” Sakusa tells Osamu coolly. Atsumu barks out a laugh from thin air. “He’s rude enough fer ya, though,” Osamu comments. Then he gets in a slap fight with nothing, which is quite the sight to behold.

Osamu and Komori are happy to help Atsumu and Sakusa settle things. Their main method is shoving the two of them in a room together and locking the door, which Sakusa finds unnecessary because /this was his idea in the first place/.

“Yer still here, right?” Atsumu asks the seemingly empty room. He feels around, arms outstretched, until his fingers touch fabric. His hand is promptly smacked away. “Do /not/ touch me,” Sakusa all but hisses at him.

“Then wear a bell or something, damn. I thought Samu mighta shut me in here alone as a prank,” Atsumu grouses. Wouldn’t be the first time. “I suppose I’m fortunate I don’t have to wonder whether you’re here,” Sakusa says. “Since I can always hear you. /Since you never shut up/.”

“Well /somebody’s/ gotta take the initiative,” Atsumu says. “What, d’ya think we’ll figure out how to see each other by sitting around thinking at one another?” “You haven’t actually produced any suggestions,” Sakusa points out.

Atsumu actually does go quiet for a moment, thinking. Everyone’s trigger is different. It will work for both members of the soulmate pair at once, but what it is is up to chance. Atsumu hates chance. Anything he wants, he works toward until he achieves it.

Atsumu asks what triggers Sakusa has heard of. He lists off the classics: holding hands, sharing a meal, giving a gift. Atsumu rolls his eyes. /Everyone/ knows that kind of thing. He says they can try them anyway, if Sakusa wants.

Sakusa does not want to hold his hand. Atsumu points out that they’re supposedly soulmates. Sakusa stands firm. Atsumu says they’ll leave it for a last-ditch effort.

They share a granola bar that Sakusa was carrying, which he claims counts as a meal. He argues the point by reading off the nutritional information until Atsumu cuts him off out of sheer boredom. Nothing changes other than Atsumu being left with a chalky aftertaste in his mouth.

Neither of them really have anything gift-worthy on their person. Atsumu tries handing over his pocket nail file, which he claims is “deeply sentimental.” Sakusa doesn’t know him well enough to tell if he’s being sarcastic. Still, nothing changes.

Atsumu asks how Sakusa’s parents triggered their soulmate visibility, and Sakusa tells him that they’ve never discussed it. He doesn’t even know if his parents are soulmates. “What about yours?” Sakusa asks to cut the silence that follows. He feels like Atsumu is /judging/ him.

“Our dad recognized the perfume Ma was wearing,” Atsumu tells him. Sakusa leans back immediately, though he isn’t actually sure where Atsumu currently is, and says “Do /not/ smell me.” This gets a laugh from Atsumu.

“I assumed ya weren’t wearing cologne for the Spring Interhigh,” he says dryly. “All I can smell off’a ya is salonpas and hand sanitizer.” That might be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to Sakusa. He thanks Atsumu, blushing. Atsumu is lucky Sakusa can’t see his confused face.

“So, what then?” Sakusa asks once he’s regained his composure. “Do we just keep trying activities at random?” How does anyone ever figure this out? Do they just deal with an invisible soulmate until they stumble upon the right answer? Who has that kind of time on their hands?

“We could try just… getting to know each other,” Atsumu suggests. “Maybe it’ll be something obvious, once we know a little more.” Sakusa agrees, mostly because he doesn’t have any better ideas. They both look up “icebreaker questions” on their phones.

Before long they know each other’s favorite colors, favorite foods, blood types, zodiac signs (Sakusa makes a face and has to look his up online), least favorite school subjects, best friends (neither comments on theirs being a relative), and hobbies. Still, nothing changes.

“Are we at the last ditch yet?” Atsumu asks. Sakusa makes a face that he can’t appreciate, but would find hilarious. “/Fine/,” he says at length. “We can hold hands. For a /moment/.” Sakusa looks around the room. There’s a table pushed against one wall, and he crosses to it.

“I’ll put my hand on the table. The edge closest to the door,” he says. “I’m- I’m standing by the wall. Don’t bump into me.” “I’ll do my best,” Atsumu replies. Nerves are tinting his voice. Wasn’t this his idea? What does he have to be nervous about?

Sakusa almost jumps when an invisible hand lands gently on top of his own. It takes a minute to get lined up right, and then Atsumu interlaces their fingers. It’s…not horrible. Atsumu’s hand is warm and soft, like he actually takes care of his skin.

Sakusa gives him a full 10 seconds before pulling away. He tells himself he’s imagining the cold feeling he’s left with when he releases Atsumu’s hand. It’s just the sanitizer, probably, which he is already deliberately coating his hand in. Still, nothing.

“Any other bright ideas?” Sakusa asks. He definitely does not sound disappointed. Why would he? That would be ridiculous. “Why do I gotta come up with all’a the ideas?” Atsumu retorts, a little snappish. “Itachiyama kids are supposed to be smart. /You/ come up with something.”

Sakusa thinks for a moment. “How do you write your name? What kanji do you- wait.” He pauses for a moment. “What’s your name?” Atsumu is quiet for a long time.

“/You don’t even know my name/?” he almost shrieks. “Ya held my hand and asked what book I’d bring to a deserted island before getting my name down??” “I know it’s Miya,” Sakusa says weakly. He did know that much. The Miya Twins. He just…didn’t pay attention to which was which.

“If our trigger was ya learning my /damn name/ this whole time, I’m gonna hold this over ya fer the rest of our lives,” Atsumu says. And then, “It’s Atsumu. Miya Atsumu.” They both pause, holding their breaths, but nothing changes.

“Maybe we both gotta say ours?” Atsumu suggests. Sakusa narrows his eyes. “Do you not know my name either? After all that?” “I do! Just maybe ya gotta say yers since I said mine!” Sakusa folds his arms over his chest and waits.

“It’s, uh.” Atsumu totally knows. He read about all the top aces just last week. “Sakusa… Kiyomori?” “My own soulmate, not knowing my name,” Sakusa deadpans. “And /lying/ about it. Maybe I’ll just give up and die alone.” “What! Rude! That’s totally it, ain’t it?” Atsumu asks.

“Sakusa Kiyoomi,” Sakusa corrects primly. He tries not to feel the twinge of disappointment when this, too, doesn’t cause Atsumu to appear before his eyes. He focuses on razzing Atsumu, which is more fun. “I was close!” Atsumu insists. “Kiyomori, Kiyoomi, practically the same!”

“They are not, and you were not,” Sakusa tells him. He returns to his original idea. “Here, show me how you write yours, maybe that’s the key.” “They’re super close!” Atsumu is still saying. “Look- I’ll never forget it again. We’re stuck together fer life, right?

“So what’s one little slip-up and a couple syllables in the grand scheme of things? Nothing, that’s what.” Sakusa is searching his pockets for a pen and paper, pretending to ignore Atsumu.

“So fer the rest’a my life, I’ll remember,” Atsumu continues. “It’s imprinted in my brain. Kiyoomi. Kiyoomi-kun. Kiyo-not-mori. The all-important Omi. Omi-kun. My Omi-Om- woah.” Sakusa looks up in time for Atsumu’s eyes to go wide. Which he can /see/. They’re pretty, his eyes.

Sort of a golden hazel, matching his box-dyed hair. And Atsumu’s eyes are sweeping over Sakusa, clearly able to see him, too. “…Was the trigger you rambling like an imbecile?” Sakusa asks, because if he doesn’t poke fun he’s going to say something truly embarrassing right now.

“/Rude/, Omi-kun,” Atsumu responds, but he’s grinning wider by the second. Sakusa looks away to keep from blushing again. Atsumu is cute, with his little nose upturned at the end and a spark behind his eyes that Sakusa didn’t see when looking at his twin.

“I suppose we can go now,” Sakusa says. He makes no move toward the door. “We can both play in the finals now without any disadvantage.” Atsumu hums in acknowledgment, but he’s looking at Omi like he didn’t hear a word. This is all but confirmed when he demands Omi’s email.

Omi gives it to him, and gets Atsumu’s for himself, and finally takes the excuse to dash off. That’s all he wanted to do. To level the playing field. To get rid of any potential hindrance to his playing. That’s all this was about.

When Inarizaki loses to Itachiyama, Atsumu almost doesn’t even look upset. He’s exhausted, and dripping with sweat, but all he does is call across the net a cheery “Good game, Omi-kun!” And that’s when Omi really knows he’s gone. [/end]

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