frani ☆ ia bc of uni :(

frani ☆ ia bc of uni :(



nsfw can't stop thinking about atsumu being really vocal as he fucks kiyoomi for the first time, him constantly whispering words of praise and encouragement into his ear (which light a literal fire in kiyoomi's lower stomach)

he'd also whisper stuff like "does that feel okay? d'ya like that kiyoomi?" while fucking him slowly, making kiyoomi whine and arch his back atsumu being so focused on him, so focused on making it good for him, on making kiyoomi feel good just drives him absolutely insane

kiyoomi would try his best to answer him with words, with whispered "yeses" and babbled sentences, but when those fail he answers with his body; wrapping his arms around atsumu's neck and his legs around his back to cage him in, he tries to grind back, to match atsumu's pace

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