NSFW / Skts / Prince Kiyoomi / Captain Atsumu / angst / How to get away from your forced arranged marriage, a guide by Sakusa Kiyoomi

Kiyoomi is a very lonely prince. He is the last of his family, his brother already has 4 children and his sister 3. He is not a direct heir to the trone and so his parents decide it'd be better to marry him off to somewhere else.

They find a great suitor from a far away land, the only child of a powerful King. He immediately accepts Kiyoomi as his son-in-law and asks to send him for the wedding as soon as possible. Kiyoomi learns the news at breakfast.

He has to travel the next day, leaving everything he has ever known and cherished just for his parents' whim. To be struck for life with someone he didn't choose and has never met. Kiyoomi can keep his emotions in check... usually. Today though, it is another matter.

All he can think of is that his life is ending right here and there. The Kiyoomi he thought he was will no longer be. He is furious, at the system, at royal counselors, but most importantly at his parents who didn't even hesitate to sell him.

If it's his last day as his own self, then he is gonna enjoy it. He sneaks out of the palace when everyone thinks he is asleep. He runs through the streets and reach The Silver Horn, the most famous tavern in town.

Kiyoomi heard rumors of this being the place where the most craziest things happen (at least according to Motoya). So he enters and just orders a beer. He looks around and sees a man surrounded by a crowd, sheepish smiles on their faces listening to what he is saying.

People touch him, his muscular arms, they brush their arms against his thighs, they compliment him, laugh at his jokes. The more he looks at him, the more Kiyoomi sees the appeal of this man. It is true he has an aura that pulls you in.

His stares turn to be not so discreet as it drives the man in question to look at him in return. The crowd dissipates and the blond man is still looking intently at Kiyoom, a smug smile on his lips. Kiyoomi finds the courage to finally get up.

He doesn't salute the man but he stands just next to him and asks to the waiter: "Two beers, please." "I hope one is for me. I need to hydrate myself after talkin' so much." "Good, because I'm here to make you shut up."

Kiyoomi doesn't look at him, he hopes his comeback will have the desired effect. "So forthcoming! Not even interested in my name?" "No, you will need mine though, cause it will be the only thing you can breathe after tonight."

As promised, the night follows with them renting a bedroom, with Miya Atsumu (as he is called) being only able to whine Kiyoomi's name. Or derived versions of it. "Kiyo-omi-" Miya is straddling his thighs, Kiyoomi sitted on his knees, raising his hips to pound into him.

"Fuck! Omi! Don't stop!" And Kiyoomi doesn't, fucking him until daylight reaches the outskirts of the town. Kiyoomi gets up and leaves the room without saying goodbye to Atsumu. It was a nice way to forget about what's coming. But he immediately remembers when he gets back.

He could probably escape while he is outside. The guards didn't even notice he has left yet. But to go where? He has nothing on him, no food, no money and all the people that could help him will immediately warn his parents. There's no escape.

His ship leaves in the middle of the afternoon. His parents don't even accompany him, they wave at him at the castle before turning on their heels. "Well good riddance." He thinks. Arrived at the port, he is escorted to a gigantic ship called "The Golden Kitsune".

He immediately has the face of Miya that comes back to him, with his golden hair and his fox-like grin. He thinks he is losing it when he sees the same face he was imagining welcoming him on the boat. "Omi-kun! Fancy seeing ya again." What is he doing here?

His face must give away his surprise, as he realises his mouth is agape. "Well, I have to go to the Kamato Kingdom to meet my future partner. What are you doing here?" Atsumu laughs, coming from deep inside his belly, like only he can.

"I didn't realise you were /this/ Kiyoomi! I'm actually yer captain for the next weeks of trip! Can't believe ya were my secret mission!" Another man, who looks exactly like Atsumu, shouts behind to rectify that he is also the captain. "So, Omi-kun, ready to set sails?"

Kiyoomi doesn't answer, he grabs his bags and goes to his room to stay locked inside. He had to be his fucking captain!

There should be no remainder of his past life except for his title and name. He doesn't want to spend the next weeks with the man he lost himself with on his last night of freedom. It's gonna hurt even more to see him everyday. Kiyoomi decides to mostly stay inside his cabin.

He rarely leaves it, and when he does, he doesn't respond to the others' greeting and especially not to Atsumu who always looks endeared to see his face. He isn't that kind of prince, a prickly, aloof and arrogant one.

But if it's what it takes to keep Miya at bay for the journey, he doesn't mind. He doesn't want Miya near him, talking to him, reminding him he gave up his freedom nights ago with him and made his peace with him. It's too hurtful to do it all over again.

Miya comes knocking at his door, trying to make him talk, trying to be there for him, asking if he wants anything, that they are stopping at a town for refill so he should get out and enjoy walking on Earth, but Kiyoomi never reward him with an answer.

In a few weeks, he will be gone and all of this won't matter. Though, days on end of isolation, without any warmth or presence near him turn to be more difficult to live than he expected. He should try to get accostumed to it though, it will be his life from now on.

But even for Kiyoomi who thought he didn't need others to live, it starts to get too much. He wakes up one night, after a particularly vivid dreams, his brain making him reconnect with Miya, flesh against flesh, hot breaths mingling together.

Kiyoomi palms his pants and realises in what state he is. He starts to jerk off, remembering how Miya felt like under his tongue and around his cock. He comes in barely a few strokes. But it's not enough.

He gets up, gets dressed in a hurry and runs to the captains' cabins. He knocks on the one where the name 'Atsumu'is and the door open a few moments later, half-lidded caramel eyes piercing through him. "Omi..?" He doesn't let him time to ask a question and surges forward.

He kisses him, and it feels revigorating. Atsumu kisses him back, and just this calms his anxious brain who was afraid of being rejected. "Is this a dream?" "No. I'm very much real. And I want you, Miya." He simply says, taking off his shirt and pants. "Oh." Miya exhales.

"If you'd allow me to." Kiyoomi is naked in front of him, pleading eyes asking to take him again for the night and for all the other nights they still can share together. "Omi, yes, of course. Take me right there and break me apart please. Just don't call me Miya."

And that he does. Kiyoomi on his knees, sucking the life out of Atsumu sitted on the bed. His tongue swirling around the tip and through the slit sets Atsumu aflame, coming apart so deliciously around Kiyoomi's mouth. Kiyoomi swallows every drop of it like fine nectar.

He manhandles him against the mattress, not letting him time to rest and press a finger around his rim, making it slide inside. Two more fingers are added pretty quickly. "Omi, please, I'm- your cock, please." How can Kiyoomi refuse him?

He takes out his fingers as Atsumu gasps instinctively at the loss of stimulation. When Kiyoomi thrusts once inside of him, Atsumu flails his arms around, trying to reach for something to keep his senses on earth. His hands fly to Kiyoomi's shoulders, digging into the skin.

He brings him closer, so much closer. Kiyoomi does a deep thrust at the same time as his belly brush against Atsumu's dick, making him wail. He goes lower, tangles his fingers with Atsumu's and pins him harder to the bed with his body, thrusting harder and faster.

Every movement bring so much please to Atsumu, his prostate being hit relentlessly while his dick gets stroke by Kiyoomi's upper body. Atsumu only releases onomatopeias before he comes, Kiyoomi following him soon after.

They go for a round 3 and 4 before they collapse on top of the bed, out of breath. "Shit, Omi. That was better than the first time." Kiyoomi can only nod, not feeling enough energy to talk.

"I must confess... I kinda hated yer guts after ya left without sayin' goodbye or shit. That was a dick move." "I'm sorry about that." "You should be. Also, ignorin' me and actin' all high and mighty lately when ya had no problem to fuck me a few nights earlier? What was that?"

Kiyoomi sighs. It's too early to dive into explanation right now, he feels exhausted, but he guesses he owes him for how he treated him. "I promise I will explain but... just not now. Please?"

He sees hesitation in Atsumu's eyes, not knowing whether to cuddle or to push him through the door. "Fine. But no cuddle then." The morning after, when Kiyoomi explains everything, Atsumu hugs him.

They stay cuddling until Osamu comes barelling in his room ordering him to get out of bed. The weeks on the boat pass by quickly, thanks to Atsumu. Kiyoomi is reminded that he can still have a life he enjoys, with people he loves. But it will soon come to an end.

"I just wish they thought I was dead, Atsumu." He says one night in the crook of his lover's neck. "Who?" "My parents. My future partner and his family. Everyone. If I run away, they will try to find me. But if they think I perished on the boat taking me to this land..."

The silence lingers, Atsumu must probably think this is a crazy idea. "Then why don't we make them believe ya did?" This is how a few days later, the twins order their whole crew to leave on the life boats they have (nothing more than just rowdy barks).

Osamu leaves with them. "Remember to tell everyone I died a hero tryin' to save my crew, Samu!" "I will tell them you shitted yer pants!" "Fuck you! Anyway, ya know where to meet us later?" "Yes, I know. Don't worry." The twins hug each other, whispering in their ears.

Atsumu and Kiyoomi look at the barks disappearing in the distance, ready to tell the tale of their deaths. "You didn't have to do it with me." "I know, but I'm tired of this life, maybe this is my call to stop being an upright captain only serving aristocrats and royals."

"What? And become a pirate?" "Hey, why not? I've got the looks!" "Sure, as if people need to be assaulted by pretty pirates." "Ah, ya find me pretty. I knew it!" "Shut up and be a romantic pirate, the sun is setting."

Atsumu looks at the horizon, coloring in pastel colors of orange and pink. "Can't get enough of me, heh?" "No." Kiyoomi leans forward and kisses Atsumu. This taste on his mouth, the salter water, the dried blood from his chapped and wounded lips, the sweat.

This is the taste of freedom. //fin I made it too sappy in the end sorry 🫣 Also, it might not make much sense on some parts, please don't think that much about it. Hope you enjoy though!


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