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From age 20-49, do these mistakes and never regret...

1. Spend 70% of your time alone Life is not all about honey, butter and bread. You'll become a weakling the more you spend time with people. Do this instead; • Spend time alone • Work on yourself • Guard your energy

2. Move from parents Don't abandon them but if you want to be self-sufficient, (Especially in a society without elaborate lites of passage to strengthen you) Then you should move and build your safety nets. There are moments when family can't help you.

3. Go against common beliefs Common is comfortable and it's considered easy. 99% of the times it'll never serve you. Question what there is and know what works for you.

4. Quit taking medicine Unless it's a life threatening illness or some necessary antibiotics. You can stay healthy with; • The right diet • Exercise • Water • Work • Sun • Sex You don't always need medicine.

5. Own 5-13 businesses You can't trust 1 or 2 streams of income Which means you should be armed with as many income streams as possible. Here's the hack; • Start businesses offline • Build service business online • Make money and develop your systems

6. Retire your parents This doesn't mean they won't be working But they're better of working on what they love.

7. Avoid unnecessary meetings People waste time. If a meeting is adding no value to your life then avoid it. (Even if you're not busy)

8. Tell someone to "fuck off" mid-sentence Sometimes we tolerate a lot of crap. To an extent of listening to people who "talk for the sake of it" Tell them to fuck off mid-sentence and don't apologise.

9. Fall in love, get heartbroken and never hate the person. These are lessons you should keep close. Keep these people like paintings on your wall Learn and be better.

10. Eat what you want Sometimes you'll feel like shit. Sometimes you'll enjoy. But you'll know what's right for you And quit craving for crap.

11. Never depend on government aid There's no way you can trust an entity taxing the poor to feed them. Be self-sufficient; - Work - Buy assets - Own parts of the world There's enough for you.

12. Tell your loved ones what you'd say in their funerals . When they're gone it'll be useless. It's not gross. It's what you feel about them.

13. Travel and live in a different country Meet new people and experience different cultures. You'll be more open-minded and question most of your beliefs.

14. Revenge on something personal Don't hate on anyone. Either go for revenge or never talk about it or hate them. Do what feels right for you.

15. Start a family Work on yourself Make money Start a family In that order. When others are avoiding starting a family, you'll be happy with yours.

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