heol ☾

heol ☾



on another series of sakuatsu being the PR team’s worst nightmare, I present to you the chaos that is Sakusa Kiyoomi and Miya Atsumu being roommates. and in Yachi’s humble opinion, whoever thought putting them together is a good idea, must not be verg good at thinking

cause one would think that nothing would go wrong right?? they’re just roommates! yk, same flat, different rooms, different bed. well, 1 instagram live later from user skiyoomi aaand — “turn it off and come back ta bed” Atsumu, voice still deep from sleep, is heard in the back

“wait, I gotta say bye first” Kiyoomi answers back, laughing a little as he tries to dodge (what seems to be) Atsumu’s hand “sooo” Yachi drawls, turning off the phone once the screenrecord ended, “anything to say??” “sleep overs!” Atsumu blurts “its common between friends”

Yachi can feel her eye twitch “sleep overs are done weekly —NOT daily” then she turns to who she hopes is the more rational between the 2, “Sakusa-san?” “Well” Kiyoomi starts, “We like to think it’s cause we’re past being /just/ friends” he clears his throat “we’re best friends”

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