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Skts NSFW After Atsumu and Sakusa broke up, they had more sex than ever. Couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. No one believed them when they said they broke up. “But didn’t I just see you sucking his dick in the elevator?” Hinata asked, skeptical. “A break up blow

job!” Atsumu insisted. They were panting into each other’s mouths again, naked and fumbling with the lube. Sakusa dropped a condom on the bed as he pulled his fingers out of Atsumu. “What the fuck is that?” Atsumu couldn’t stop staring at the packet. “A condom, just in case.”

Sakusa fiddled with the lube, brow crinkled at Atsumu’s expression. “Just in case? Are you fucking other people?” Atsumu’s voice raised as he sat up in bed. “No! Of course not!” Sakusa palmed his thigh, trying to soothe. “Me either. No fucking condoms.” They both let out a

sigh of relief as Sakusa fucked him raw, nothing keeping them apart. After the breakup, they still did everything together. Went out to eat, had sleepovers, even took vacations together. Months later, Hinata had to ask. They were all so confused. “So, if I wanted to set

‘Tsumu up on a date, would that be okay?” Atsumu and Sakusa blinked, looked at each other, and back to Hinata. “No.” The next day they announced that they were back together. MSBY pretended that they hadn’t been all along and congratulated them, as they roasted both of them

in their second group chat.

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