#sakuatsu a/o Omega Kiyoomi / Alpha Atsumu (Apparently, everyone craves omega Kiyoomi, so here is my first thread about him, I hope you like it!) Ever since Kiyoomi presented as an omega at the age of 14, he felt out of place around other omegas.

His heats are very scarce, he never felt attracted to an alpha, and he doesn´t even look like an omega. An omega is supposed to be pretty, tiny, and soft, and Kiyoomi isn´t either of those. He is very tall, his fatures are sharp, his back is broad, and he has muscles. +

Kiyoomi doesn’t feel like an omega besides his… maybe two? heats per year. Sometimes he feel like an outcast, he doesn’t belong with alphas, he doesn’t belong with omegas. So he hangs with betas, they don’t talk about heats or ruts, he is comfortable with them, that’s why he +

sticks with his cousin in high school, where there aren’t many betas. When he started college, things were different, a little hard at first, without his cousin he was lonely, but soon he found a group of omegas, where everybody was inclusive, there were many different omegas, +

some of them felt the same as Kiyoomi, he felt very welcomed and learned to accept himself.  Once he embraced his inner omega everything was easier than before, his heats started to become more regular and less painful, at the time he joined MSBY he was one with himself. +

He understood that the only thing he needed was himself, not an alpha to make him feel like an omega, not becoming a beta, none of those. At least that’s what Kiyoomi thought before his reunion after years with the one and only Miya Atsumu. The loud alpha from youth camp +

made its way everywhere like he owned the place. Kiyoomi thought that he was annoying, a pain in the ass. But it seems like he is different now, everyone changes, Kiyoomi did too, after all, so he decides to give another try to know him better.

The blonde alpha cares about everyone, he's funny, he's talented, intelligent, gentle, careful, pretty and he has that beautiful smile that… well, basically Kiyoomi fell in love with him, contrary to all his worries. +

For the first time in years, he hopes to be a typical omega, maybe Atsumu could notice him. Kiyoomi knows that's wrong, he shouldn't change anything for anyone, but something inside him makes him want, /desire/ Atsumu's attention. +

Some months after Kiyoomi's arrival to the team were enough to get them together. They are best friends, the dark-haired feels comfortable around him, Atsumu makes him feel safe. But he can't say his true feelings to him, that would ruin everything. +

Kiyoomi was to focused in this dilemma that he didn't check his calendar in days. He didn't notice that yesterday was marked as the beginning of his heat. Because if he would checked it, he wouldn't be in this situation right now. -----

(TBC I need sleep, I wanted to finish this today, sorry😔)

Bokuto, Hinata, Atsumu and Kiyoomi are having a bonding night in Shoyo's apartment. Everything went smooth, they had dinner, ate ice cream and they are watching a movie. A romantic one. With the ice cream and many issues at hand, the mated ones are crying their eyes out +

Koutarou misses his Keiji so much, and Shoyo wants Kageyama by his side so badly. That leaves Atsumu and Kiyoomi in an awkward position, they are sitting together, with their arms almost touching, Kiyoomi's heart beats are so loud, that he's scared Atsumu might hear. +

He thinks the blonde doesn't see him like a love interest. Having sad thoughts like that make his scent sour, but, apparently nobody noticed it, because Shoyo and Koutarou are still crying and hugging each other. But Kiyoomi is wrong, because a few minutes after Atsumu takes +

his hand softly, looking at him in the eyes and with the most tender smile he saw in the blonde, he whispers: "Come with me fer a second, Omi?" Kiyoomi is a weak man, he couldn't say no to Atsumu, so they stand up and sneak to the kitchen. The omega notices the change in his +

own pheromones, they are more sweet. Atsumu extends his arms, asking for a silent permission to hug Kiyoomi. The dark-haired takes a step forward, rests his forehead in Atsumu's shoulder while the other hugs him softly. "That's it sweetheart, are ya feeling better? Ya wanna +

talk about it?" Atsumu is relasing pheromones to calm him down. Their pheromones together smell like a forest after the rain, the atmosphere is so peacefully, so calm and unique. Finally, after a few minutes Kiyoomi speaks "I was sad thinking… about you… thinking about… how +

badly I want you" while he talks, he wraps his hand in Atsumu's shirt, waiting for the worst. If Kiyoomi could see the happiness in the alpha's face he could understand before he speaks, but his pheromones are talking for him. The omega takes a step back very confused, to see +

the most beautiful expression, a one full of love and appreciation. "Omi, I want ya too, I'd love to court ya if ya let me" at this point they are both at the edge of crying of happiness, Kiyoomi nods while Atsumu holds him tenderly against his chest, leaving kisses everywhere +

he can reach. They are in his little world of happiness, so they don't notice the presence of his friends before they start clapping and whistling, celebrating the new couple. They just giggle and kiss each other smiling hard, the kiss isn't perfect, but of them, it is. /fin/

This is for my dear @Rekisoulmat_L ❤ she wanted fluff.

Thank you so much for reading!!

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