The Mahrattas ࿗

The Mahrattas ࿗



Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaja was born in the highest pedigree the entire Hindu civilization could furnish: Suryavansha from his Father's side & Yaduvansha from his Mother's side. It is even more pathetic that there's NOT A SHRED of evidence for calling Chattrapati a "Shudra".

Chattrapati's Agent Balaji Avaji did not travel North for any "forgery" of genealogy like British-Knighted Sir Jadunath Sarkar claimed but on a separate albeit overlapping mission; to gather support proving existence of Kulin Kshatriyas against propaganda of the Pir Ali lobby.

There was never any doubt about Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaja's pedigree, nor about his Kshatriya status. The small issue revolved around the ritual format, & competence of local Brahmanas who could easily perform Pauranik Rajyābhisheka but were ignorant of Sanskar Lopa penances.

There had been no such coronation in India in the past *300 YEARS* due to Islamic rule. Even the likes of Samrat Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara and such had done coronation by Pauranik rites and not Vaidik. The Chattrapati was to undergo the ultimate Aindrabhishek.

The Chattrapati attained legitimacy to extend his Rājadanda (Royal Sceptre) over all Brahmanas & Kshatriyas of the world by becoming a living manifestation of Devaraj Indra known as Bhagwan Shri Shivarājeshwara.

Contrary to baseless propaganda, it was Shri Vishweshwar Gagabhatta himself who approached Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaja for this coronation, not the other way around. This is simply the truth, and there are NO other versions of this event in any contemporary source.

The first claim of Bhonsales being Kunbis in mainstream, British-Knighted Sir Jadunath Sarkar, gave NO source for this buffoonery. It is literally a mental concoction. His agenda was clear: one simply CANNOT show that the Emperor of Hindupat Padshahi was a KshatriyaKulavantas.

Long before Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaja ever planned any coronation, Gagabhatta called his father Maharaja Shahajiraje Bhonsale as One born in "Vimala-Rāja-Kula" in his text SyenaviJātiDharmaNirnaya which was composed on a completely different topic.

KshatriyaKulāvantasa, is an old Aryan Maratha title (another variation is SamastaBhupālāKulāvantasa) for the most powerful Maratha Clan that would be followed invariably as the Leader of the entire Kulin Kshatriya community in a war. To accept this is to accept something scary.

That the "Satara Raja" (Hindupati Padshah Chattrapati) could theoretically relay the entire Aryan Civilization in a holy war against Dasyus & Mlecchas is a socio-political nightmare for Anti-Monarchists, Colonialists and all who bore what can be called as "Anti-Hindu" ambitions.

As it is, the priority of British East India Company was first to dismantle legitimacy of the Islamic Equivalent of Satara Hindupati, Caliphs of Ottoman Empire, with the reserved Chattrapati of Satara. We have covered the entire conspiracy here:

It is therefore even funnier and pathetic to see Musallmāns dance with joy at this debasement of the Hindu Maratha Chattrapati's sacred bloodline, while their own Ottoman "Daulat-E-Aliya" Caliphs were ground to dust by Judeo-Christian Colonial Invaders & passed into oblivion.

1) Claim — Bhonsales/Bhrushabalas were humble tillers who rosed to prominence under Ahmednagar Sultanate (as per some stray Dutch). Truth — It is well known that Verul Bhonsales are the Junior Branch of Mudhol Bhonsales (Ghorpade Dragons) who are Kings of Mudhol since 1360s.

Rana Sajjansimha Bhonsale had battled in War of Daulatabaad on behalf of Zafar Khan Alauddin Bahman in the struggle for the liberation of Deccan from Tughlaq. Later on grounds of Alauddin Bahman being scion of Sassanid Dynasty, Rana Sajjansimha lobbied in his favour of kingship.

2) Claim — Shivaji's ancestors were not known to be of Kshatriya origin (British-Knighted Sir Jadunath hasn't cited anything for the claim but made it as per his own imagination). It appears very clearly that Jadunath was confused by Mali Mahatma Joti Foolé's sourceless activism.

Truth — The Bhonsales had been in Matrimonial relations with the most prominent Kshatriya families of the Deccan like the Jadhavraos, Raje Shirkes, Naik Nimbalkars , Mohites, etc. Shivaji Maharaja's mother Jijabai was the Sevuna Yadavraya Princess of Sindkhed.

More offensive than calling Chattrapati himself a forger, is the character assassination of Brahmadeva & Veda Vyasa of Kaliyuga, Vedamurti Shri Vishweshwar Gagabhatta, who hailed from what is easily among the greatest Brahmin clans to ever exist in India.

Shri Vishweshwar Gagabhatta hails from illustrious family of Jagatguru Shri Narayanabhatta who is among the greatest Nibandhakāras in Indian history. Fame of this Family is such that EVERY person born in this family has written at least ONE Nibandha Grantha on Dharma Shastra!

The work 'Nirnaya Sindhu' authored by Vedamurti Shri Gagabhatta's Uncle Shri Kamalākāra Bhatta is followed even TODAY as the default guide in matters related to Dharmashāstras and is widely accepted from Karnataka to Uttarakhand.

Beyond this, beyond deriding Vedamurti Shri Vishweshwar Gagabhatta, is to deride the records maintained by Mewari Ranas themselves and to outright abuse their honesty and integrity.

Bardic Records of Rajputana, recorded and transliterated by CSI Colonel G. H. Trevor, 1894 CE, page 36. Mewari Bhats maintained records of Rana Sajjansimha Sisodiya as well as direct ancestry of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaja who is hailed as "Overturner of Delhi Mughal Throne".

Is there even one shred of reference to call him "Shudra"? What do you know about Sanskrit Sociological terms? Can you even distinguish between specificities that words Kula, Jāti, & Varna entail? Your books don't follow Academia-prescribed methodology.

There WAS A controversy over *the Muhurat* & a smaller scale Tantric Coronation also perfomed as remedy with the Maratha Simhasana charged with might of Ashtar Lions. Then Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj was initiated into Shri Vidya with Deeksha of Bāla Tripurasundari Mantra.

Such a small ritualistic issue related to Astrology was quickly remedied by Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaja. But now it is twisted by godless subhumans to deride the legitimacy of Hindupati Padshah by adding all sorts of disgusting propaganda to this glorious Aryan tradition.

For complete thorough research on his ancestry, refer to these texts: • Shivaji the Great Volume 1 of Bal Krishna • The Shivaji Souvenir of G. S. Sardesai These two texts completely cover and conclusively prove the pedigree of Bhonsale Chattrapatis.

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