૮ ºﻌºა chicha🎄chris-mas chrispies

૮ ºﻌºა chicha🎄chris-mas chrispies



Kim Seungmin who refuses to upgrade his iphone 7 because he likes the old home button Kim Seungmin who's adamant about having no piercings Kim Seungmin who has no plans to paint his nails Kim Seungmin who prefers his natural dark hair Kim Seungmin who sticks to his to-do list Kim

Seungmin who prefers criticism to compliments because they make him stronger Kim Seungmin who scouted for his own vocal teacher outside of the company with his own money Kim Seungmin who does most of the dorm chores (bathroom, laundry, vents, sweeping, dusting) to get used to it

Kim Seungmin who takes his self-conscious members around diners to get them to eat properly Kim Seungmin who keeps getting Extroverted results even if he's actually introverted just because he isn't the type to be shy or embarrassed in social situations Kim Seungmin who stays be

-hind to continue practicing his dance and still goes on vocal lessons before returning at dawn Kim Seungmin who the members trust so much that they don't worry about his solo performances Kim Seungmin who practices belting until he feels lightheaded Kim Seungmin whose room was f

-full of books Kim Seungmin who's straightforward to his members about issues Kim Seungmin who's never fought with Felix and Hyunjin Kim Seungmin who continues eating his favorite dishes despite the soreness from adjusted braces Kim Seungmin who introduced IN to his new vocal te-

-cher Kim Seungmin whose only Ne Years' resolution was to keep doing what he loves doing Kim Seungmin who saves his "I Love You"'s Kim Seungmin who Changbin respects as the most mature among the maknae line Kim Seungmin who buys the staff coffee Kim Seungmin who wanted to interve

-ne when Hyunjin and Han were fighting predebut Kim Seungmin who reminds IN Felix and Hyunjin to keep eating well Kim Seungmin who held Hyunjin's hand for 30 minutes while the latter cried Kim Seungmin who knowingly silently supported Chan when he suddenly cried eating Gukbap Kim

Kim Seungmin who pulled himself out of his slump during SKZ2020 pre-recordings Kim Seungmin who reminds the fans to eat Kim Seungmin who manages to reduce his excessive caffeine intake Kim Seungmin who was nicknamed Basics for his discipline in maintaining consistency Kim Seungmi

-n who surprised Felix when he took up boxing amidst studying for college, taking vocal lessons, and the rest of his idol schedules Kim Seungmin who most the members securely confide in Kim Seungmin who sympathizes with members' problems and offers simple but impactful answers Ki

Kim Seungmin who wants to be remembered by listeners across time Kim Seungmin who reassures Chan that showing vulnerability won't take away from his reputation as a reliable leader Kim Seungmin who offers endless reassurances for his members when they need it Kim Seungmin who re-

-mains composed in his first radio guesting with one of the artist who got him into music and singing in the first place, Sandeul Kim Seungmin who stresses the importance of preserving memories of specific times in one's life through music Kim Seungmin who loyally supports his b-

-baseball team through ups and downs Kim Seungmin who realistically doesn't believe in forever and gets brought to tears at the idea of a future without his Stray Kids and his fans Kim Seungmin who keeps his winter blanket all year if it means Hyunjin can freely turn the AC on

Kim Seungmin who most members consider the most boyfriend-like member, from his fashion style to his manners and values Kim Seungmin who always look at his managers fondly at the airport Kim Seungmin who's always quickest to sniff out a prank Kim Seungmin who preferred singing o-

-n a chair than sitting out the Australian leg of their world tour due to his back injury Kim Seungmin who believes that one can't be happy everyday, but can find small things that give happiness everday Kim Seungmin who looks after the members when Chan isn't around Kim Seungmin

Kim Seungmin whose relationship with Hyunjin was compared to them silently facing the world together, back-to-back against their enemies Kim Seungmin who spoils IN with excessive affection because he wanted to take care of more dongsaengs, being the youngest siblingin his family

Kim Seungmin who used to take care of stray dogs as a child Kim Seungmin who learned how to speak English fluently in just 2 months abroad in LA as a 4th grader Kim Seungmin who worked twice as hard for singing after being forced to give up on his dream to be a baseballer Kim Seu

-ngmin who dreams to take care of a Samoyed dog in the future Kim Seungmin who has a vivid doggy date daydream about taking his future dog out for a night walk, bathing it, then cuddling to sleep with it Kim Seungmin whose mother was so proud to see him making the audience happy

- during the concert Kim Seungmin who loves carrying around his Ikea Golden Gosik puppy stuffed toy Kim Seungmin who the members say is the most selfless when lending out any of his belongings for the members Kim Seungmin who willingly offers trading coffee machines with Han when

the model he had was too complicated to operate Kim Seungmin who willingly makes coffee for his dorm mates Kim Seungmin who looks after Hyunjin's snack diet and caffeine intake Kim Seungmin who made the staff feel fond when they saw him teach Han how to use the dryer in Japan

Kim Seungmin who edited the Airplane music video Kim Seungmin who had no doubt Hyunjin would be a great artist in the future Kim Seungmin who loves social science and reading about social issues Kim Seungmin who might have pursued photography or law if he wasn't an idol

Kim Seungmin who understands that Chan wouldn't like being comforted or coddled when showing vulnerability, and instead carried on normally showing silent support Kim Seungmin who still wants to tell his 16 year old self to audition for JYP when he's 17 Kim Seungmin who was some-

-ones campus crush in high school Kim Seungmin who was classroom representative several times in school Kim Seungmin who tried any other sport but still came back to baseball because of his natural affinity for pitching Kim Seungmin who wore an ADHD charity shirt around New York

Kim Seungmin who keeps wearing the shirts gifted by his sister Kim Seungmin who often calls his mom to ask about her day Kim Seungmin who said "So this is what love is like" with bright eyes while watching a drama with Changbin Kim Seungmin who naturally takes on the role of MC

Kim Seungmin who practices his Japanese by talking to his friend attending university in Japan, and English with his Australian members Kim Seungmin who told Lee Know "We were destined to meet" when his diary had "1023" in the design (forgetting Lee know's birthday was 1025)

Kim Seungmin who's confident about how he cooks kimchi the way he learned from his mom (which the members agree tastes amazing) Kim Seungmin who takes on the moodmaker role if the usual lively members don't feel well enough to do so Kim Seungmin who looks after lost belongings

Kim Seungmin who loves any and all forms of cooked egg Kim Seungmin whose anger simmers down quickly Kim Seungmin who uses Twitter's light mode Kim Seungmin who eats a spoonful of honey every night before bed Kim Seungmin who neatly fixes his bed everyday without fail

Kim Seungmin who's unaware that he became one of the funniest members as the years went by Kim Seungmin who's one of the best at reading the room after learning from Han Kim Seungmin who called Changbin during Chuseok to ask how he was doing Kim Seungmin who shouts before bed

Kim Seungmin who checks the rooms adjacent to his practice room so as not to disturb occupants before he goes all-out Kim Seungmin whose hair is fluffiest in the morning Kim Seungmin who takes care not to hurt Hyunjin's healing hand during choreos by holding it gently Kim Seungmi

Kim Seungmin who was so happy winning twice in a crane game that he ran like a puppy Kim Seungmin who got most members play Pokemon GO Kim Seungmin who bought a sleeping bag to rest in before pre-recordings and prompted the other members to buy bags as well

Kim Seungmin who struggled to tamper down on online shopping clothes with IN and made a promise not to buy shoes until he had to buy training sneakers Kim Seungmin who Lee Know often praises for his diligence and discipline in practicing by himself

Kim Seungmin who shares mutual respect with Chan as individual artists Kim Seungmin who was ranked Top 2 in JYP's open audition Kim Seungmin who still keeps the jacket he wore in said open audition Kim Seungmin who takes videos of members' birthday surprises in the dorms

Kim Seungmin who bought enough meat for Chan, Tangerines for Lee Know, Fanta for Han, and blueberries for Hyunjin in Jeju Kim Seungmin who had to deal with the roach in the bathroom himself after Lee Know declines helping Kim Seungmin who eats Mcdonalds with IN for breakfast

Kim Seungmin who Changbin confided in when he was struggling by himself Kim Seungmin who reassured Han and IN that both their voices were essential as they are to Stray Kids Kim Seungmin who decorated his minimalist room in the new dorm exactly how he wanted to

Kim Seungmin who either shocks or exasperates people when he genuinely tries to be sexy Kim Seungmin who was honest about feeling bittersweet after graduating highschool Kim Seungmin who was embarrassed from fans trending the quick glimpse of his belly during the IAY practice vid

Kim Seungmin who couldn't configure the D15ney+ app in their dorm's smart TV Kim Seungmin who scares Hyunjin through the glass door as the latter takes a shower Kim Seungmin who often shares what he's been eating to stays Kim Seungmin who refuses to dip chicken in sauce

Kim Seungmin who idly thinks about performing a solo stage with his guitar Kim Seungmin who unknowingly bought a sky blue shirt before attending a DAY6 concert, coincidentally looking like a human version of their lightstick Kim Seungmin who can quickly move on from negativity

Kim Seungmin whose shameless "I am in charge of dandyness" yearbook quote was written by his friends in his absence Kim Seungmin who IN claims has a sturdy belly Kim Seungmin who is the only one who prefers texting over calling and often replies the fastest

Kim Seungmin who accidentally splattered body lotion all over Lee Know thinking the bottle was near-empty Kim Seungmin who Changbin says looks sexy when he's mad Kim Seungmin whose hand Chan wouldn't let go for no reason Kim Seungmin who Hyunjin clung to after his separate flight

Kim Seungmin who was never the type to be satisfied with his performance in order to push himself further Kim Seungmin who was scouted by a magazine interviewer should he pick up baseball again Kim Seungmin who scolded his sister in vlive for watching his content too often

Kim Seungmin who often videocalled Changbin in the other dorm while eating without speaking a single word because he missed him Kim Seungmin who tried for JYP to be with his schoolmate friend, only for the friend to transfer to a different agency after he arrives

Kim Seungmin who Chan says cleaned the bathroom really well Kim Seungmin who had a pochacco diary and puppy pencilcase gifted by his sister Kim Seungmin who ate chicken neck every monthly evaluation as a trainee hoping it helped with his vocals (he eventually said it didn't)

Kim Seungmin who uses Downy Ocean Coral Pure Love fabric softener Kim Seungmin who loves buying scented candles for himself and as gifts to others Kim Seungmin who randomly barged into Lee Know's room to turn off the scented candle that's been burning for too long

Kim Seungmin who gifted IN a Cherry Blossom and Mango Peach Salsa scented candles Kim Seungmin who didn't leave the table while Hyunjin was still talking even when everyone got up to prepare for singing during a radio show Kim Seungmin who says Pikachu is his childhood hero

Kim Seungmin who has always been a diehard spiderman fan Kim Seungmin who once greeted PDnim with his glasses on, only for PDnim not to recognize him Kim Seungmin who can speak in Satoori because of his dad and IN's influences

Kim Seungmin who pokes cute things in the eye Kim Seungmin who missed Seungmin Time while spacing out waiting for it Kim Seungmin who wore The Little Prince's outfit to dekira Kim Seungmin who wrote the most beautiful Arabic the fastest and received chocolate as a gift

Kim Seungmin who often made the members' heart flutter with boyfriend-like gestures, such as tucking their loose hair or wiping food crumbs off Kim Seungmin who turned the lights off for Lee Know when he fell asleep early Kim Seungmin who loves playing catch with the members

Kim Seungmin who refuses to participate in physical games, yet manages to plank for 2 minutes straight without tiring Kim Seungmin who was contracted to lend his voice for two popular K-Dramas Kim Seungmin who keeps his Daengmo stuffed puppy on his bed

Kim Seungmin whose thighs during KCON went viral Kim Seungmin whose English name is Sky Kim Seungmin whose signature is most awaited by the piercing parlor where most Stray Kids went to have their ears pierced, even if he has no plans to pierce

Kim Seungmin who fell in love with the puppy-ear hats he used during ODDINARY promotions Kim Seungmin who loves looking for new cafes & restos to eat in himself before bringing his members if it's good enough to recommend Kim Seungmin who deflects when the members compliment him

Kim Seungmin who gave a heartfelt letter to his highschool teacher for taking care of him Kim Seungmin who was scolded by the trainee teacher for sneaking snacks to others behind his back Kim Seungmin who used to be nicknamed Snail due to inexperience with memorizing choreo

Kim Seungmin who used to space out in class mentally rehearsing choreo Kim Seungmin who often checked in with Felix should he have any concerns, reassuring him he personally doesn't have concerns of his own Kim Seungmin who left the strongest first impression on Chan as a trainee

Kim Seungmin who wrote a thoughtful poem in a meditation room with Chan about how much the birdsongs outside reminded him of the whistles in the concert crowd that he dearly missed due to the pandemic Kim Seungmin who runs on all-fours every time his FAM intro verse plays

Kim Seungmin who went through an emotional drought from the monotony of his life until he learned to flip his mindset to be grateful about the security and stability of his career Kim Seungmin who was flustered at the mention of alcohol in Bikira

Kim Seungmin who lets Felix know when Changbin may not be able to accommodate another tease because he knows Changbin's line the best Kim Seungmin who sings loudly off-key in the dorms Kim Seungmin who slide tackled Lee Know in Finding SKZ

Kim Seungmin who Hyunjin listed as his psychological counselor Kim Seungmin whose mottos often revolved around the idea thay not living every day to their fullest felt like a disservice to those whose days are suddenly cut short

Kim Seungmin who was one of the few trainees who were not intimidated by Changbin by first impression, instead believing he looked like someone who would vehemently protect the ones close to him Kim Seungmin who Han locks eyes with first if something happens in the dressing room

Kim Seungmin who Chan locks eyes with first whenever IN topples or spills something Kim Seungmin who taught Hyunjin the basics of handling a camera Kim Seungmin who forgot to eat the egg he stole from the bibimbap, yet was still accused by Changbin and Chan

Kim Seungmin who gets flustered whenever Hyunjin doesn't deny Seungmin's joking self-praises Kim Seungmin who helped take over MC-ing for Han during a virtual fanmeet to organize the event Kim Seungmin who claims to have almost died while home training with Lee Know

Kim Seungmin who held a nervous fan's hand tightly during a fansign event Kim Seungmin who remembers fans by face during fanmeets, down to which section they were in the concerts if he saw them Kim Seungmin who feels conscious of an unreleased song he wrote himself, Novel

Kim Seungmin who had two of his wisdom teeth removed on the same day without crying Kim Seungmin who would rather walk out when greeted by a hypothetical rude person Kim Seungmin who YoungK found too cute when emulating a lion's roar, making him roar again

Kim Seungmin who was panicking over his laundry not drying while Lee Know and Chan were screwing around making the kkulchong song at the same time Kim Seungmin who was worried about PDnim calling him out if he continued his vocal impersonations

Kim Seungmin who didn't mind Felix's skinship during the maknae line vlive in pajamas Kim Seungmin who loves biting Changbin and IN's buff biceps Kim Seungmin who fluffs his hair, trying to fix it by habit Kim Seungmin who couldn't hide his laugh when SkzKi's stomach rumbled

Kim Seungmin who likes to pop in other members' rooms to stare at them before shutting the door giggling (eventually to sleep) Kim Seungmin who tried his best to cheer up Lee Know by failing at b-boying Kim Seungmin who read and spoke NOEASY's intro faster than Changbin and Han

Kim Seungmin whose way of practicing inspired Felix to be just as loud and not-shy when practicing singing Kim Seungmin who teasingly offered a bottlecap of water to Changbin during a concert ment Kim Seungmin who was near crying during the You Can STAY fanproject where fans sing

Kim Seungmin who got emotional looking at all the members hug in the giant screen, turning away to cry by himself before Changbin carried him over to the group Kim Seungmin who studied expressions thoroughly for their Dingo mini kdrama, with his end results flustering the staff

Kim Seungmin who teases Chan and Felix in English Kim Seungmin who growled onstage when prompted by Lee Know Kim Seungmin who came up with much of the top line of Gone Away Kim Seungmin who enacts scenes from KDramas on his members (often IN)

Kim Seungmin who feels unaffected by bashing from people he doesn't know, but admittedly would be hurt if it came from people close to him Kim Seungmin who woke Changbin up to eat breakfast together even if he didn't really want to, to get a member eating a decent meal

Kim Seungmin who used to closely emulate his Day6 sunbaenims' behavior on shows Kim Seungmin who regrets trying his shoot me dance Kim Seungmin who also shouted the drum parts while rapping to Beenzino in noraebang

Kim Seungmin who plays support role in league of legends Kim Seungmin who never ends a call with his mom first, regretting how he used to do so when he was young Kim Seungmin who looked forward to seeing snowducks in his night walk

Kim Seungmin who was often censored in old variety show content Kim Seungmin who spelled his name with his butt dressed in a dinosaur pajama before going bungee jumping Kim Seungmin who spotted the Changbin's cake sliding before it fell

Kim Seungmin who congratulated Day6's Sungjin for finishing his enlistment and invited him to their Unveil concert Kim Seungmin who nervously sang Sandeul's song right in front of him in a radio show Kim Seungmin who was often late to the last bow bec he was still waving to stays

Kim Seungmin who wanted to run along the beachline in Jeju, prompting others to bark at him (and the editor to say "how can a puppy be such a puppy?") Kim Seungmin who found Pochacco's brooding pose that covers his eyes adorable Kim Seungmin who plays games laying on Hyunjin

Kim Seungmin who panicked and stuttered while calling Day6's Wonpil, thinking he woke him up by mistake due to his gruff sleepy voice (it was a prank) Kim Seungmin making others laugh when he took a while to process YoungK's question, still immersed in his animal role in Dekira

Kim Seungmin who wouldn't let a Stay steal Changbin from him, saying "No! He's mine >:)" Kim Seungmin who demanded the members to clap after Hyunjin's joke landed flat Kim Seungmin who's excited to wear his hoodies and windbreakers during autumn and winter

Kim Seungmin who mistook a nailclipper for a toothclipper in his rush to answer, losing the last dish for all the members Kim Seungmin praying for samgyupsal before Han spun the suspected rigged ingredient roulette

Kim Seungmin who had to relearn his singing technique from scratch in order to fill the vocal holes he couldn't cover before Kim Seungmin who practiced in the company, came home to bathe, straight to school, and back to the company during trainee days

Kim Seungmin who had the same song idea as BTOB's Minhyuk for their Kingdom performance Kim Seungmin who was one of the only trainees to keep up with their training logs, even after debut Kim Seungmin who teams up with Lee Know to jokingly undress members (often IN)

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