Omar Agag

Omar Agag



I get questions on what do I mean when I refer to a backside of a move Heres a quick THREAD on how I use market structure to get in sync with a trade idea ๐Ÿงต

When I am looking for a level to sell, typically we will get clear bullish structure into a level (FRONT SIDE)

When I see this, I have criteria and checklists on things I need to WAIT for once price hits this level I DO NOT short these types of pops, as my win rate is usually lower when trying to pick the top of this push up

So what do I do? I wait for BACKSIDE Essentially waiting for bearish structure to show itself after hitting a clear reference point

Anticipating lower highs forming on pullbacks is essentially how I try to get in synce with the move Now there is alot more nuance to what I do to make this more accurate, but overall this is what I look to focus on throughout the week

Now, if you want to see a video explanation of the gold short I took yesterday, check out my NEW youtube video below ๐Ÿ‘‡

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