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The power of storytelling is undeniable. People will binge-watch 13 hours of a Netflix series if they're invested in the story. How is it possible? Storytelling floods the brain with 3 hormones that hijack human attention:

💊 Dopamine. Effects on the audience: • Increases focus. • Heightens motivation. • Enhances memory. ⚙️ How to produce: • Build suspense. • Introduce a cliffhanger. All storytelling is by definition dopamine-inducing.

💊 Oxytocin. Effects on the audience: • Builds trust. • Increases generosity. • Fosters a bond. ⚙️ How to produce: Create empathy for the main character in your story.

💊 Endorphin. Effects on the audience: • Increases focus. • Boosts creativity. • Reduces stress. ⚙️ How to produce: Make your viewers laugh.

To hijack the audience's attention in your next YouTube video: 🕵️ Build suspense 💜 Create empathy 😆 Add humor

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