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6 Uncomfortable Truths that define your future.

➤ 1. There’s never been a better time to be selfish. Back then, the community you were born into was everything. You did what your parents did.

These days, if you are willing to give up on the activities, places and people that don’t serve you there is almost nothing you can’t accomplish. Now, there is near endless opportunity for growth.

➤ 2. Most people you know are worth forgetting. Most people will waste your time. Not on purpose, they just don’t know what they want and don’t care about what you want. If you’re honest, sometimes you waste theirs too.

Until you develop yourself and start cultivating relationships with developed people, you are most people.

Be honest with yourself, are the people around you holding you back? Have you invested enough into yourself to offer value to the people who have invested in themselves already? Don’t force relationships and don’t fear forgetting them.

➤ 3. You will probably die alone. People are more selfish nowadays. It makes sense, there’s more to be gained from being selfish than ever before. But lasting relationships harder to make and easier to break.

Few people are willing to compromise without: - complaint - throwing it in your face later on - truly accepting that they were making a sacrifice, not a bargain - standing by what they said, even if they want to change their mind

When you meet those who are willing, hold on to them. They will be flawed, but you’re willing to compromise too, remember?

The wealth, health and happiness gap between those with integrity and those without is growing rapidly. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of that divide.

➤ 4. Nobody cares about your cause You care, but right now you are probably nobody. Which is why very little has been done about your cause.

People care more about their own advantage than yours. If you’re smart, you can take advantage of that fact and further their cause in order to further your own. Recognise when putting yourself second now is putting yourself first later.

➤ 5. You don’t care about your cause If you care so much about what you want, why do you waste so much time? It’s not that it doesn’t matter to you. But clearly there is something preventing you from caring so much that you refuse to make excuses.

It’s probably fear. Of failure, judgement, disappointment. Meditate, journal, take long walks and long showers, cook, dance. Do anything that helps improves your focus and brings you in touch with yourself. Anything without your phone or other distraction.

You need to establish a deep emotional connection to your vision. It has to be embedded in your brain and body. Once you see clearly where you want to go and what is holding you back, nothing will stop you. Especially not yourself.

➤ 6. It’s all going to end sooner than you think People tell themselves they have time so they feel comfortable wasting it. It also helps them feel comfortable about the time they’ve already wasted. Wasting time is about intention, not activity.

If you are watching a comedy special on Netflix and you are paying attention to the storytelling, that is not wasteful. If you are reading philosophy without taking notes or learning lessons, do something else that actually interests you.

Have a vision for your future that is so clear that you feel physical and emotional pain when you aren’t moving towards it in some small way (this is possible). If there is a long way between the life you have and the life you want, start now.

Or tomorrow you will make the same excuse as today.

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