#miyacestober2022 day 3 • bonding , mentions of underage // there are a few distinct bonding moments in the miya twins' lives. the moment of conception, arguably, was the first. the moment one whole split into two halves, the moment they were destined to always be together. +

their actual births, those few minutes between their entrances to the world being the longest they'd spent apart. sleeping in the same cot together as babies, for they would be inconsolable otherwise. their tiny hands, their even smaller pinkies, always staying linked. +

when they started middle school and their mother had been fed up by their bickering, forcing them into one large shirt, making them sit down and hold hands, trying out something she'd seen online. +

that was perhaps the first instance the twins really felt something towards each other. all of a sudden, holding his brother's hand felt different. it wasn't like holding his ma or pa's hand. it wasn't even like holding the hand of the most popular kid in school. +

it felt /electrifying/, it made his heart beat faster, his hand sweatier, and with one look to his twin, he knew he wasn't the only one. their first kiss, quickly followed by the first time they slept together. +

as teenagers, they didn't really know what they were doing, but it didn't matter. their eagerness did, the feeling of having his twin touch him in a way no one had before, in a way he probably /shouldn't/. they'd fumbled together in the dark, under the safety of their blanket, +

not wanting to take any risks. it took a lot of manoeuvring and swearing and whispered-shouting, but eventually they came together as one, becoming whole again, closer than they'd ever been before. and now, just as they're starting their adulthoods, +

another bonding moment can be added to the list. they sit cross-legged on the floor of osamu's rented apartment, incredibly small and somewhat cramped, with all the supplies osamu needs to start his own business packed inside. +

atsumu takes out a ring from a velvet box and places it on osamu's finger. he watches as osamu puts a matching one on his. they can never become 'bonded' in the traditional sense, by getting married, so this is all they have. but it is enough. +

over the candlelight osamu is using to light the room, they kiss. the flickering flame is reflected in their silver rings, shining strong and bright.

// okay but what if osamu chose like a dingy shitty apartment because he spent most of his savings on atsumu's and his rings instead. what if. and then what if the first thing atsumu does once he makes Pro VB Player Salary is buys him and osamu a proper apartment. what then.


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