Spartan Psyche

Spartan Psyche



Men in your 30s, read this;

1) You love yourself more than other people but care for their opinions more than yours. Cut this shit out. Seek counsel not validation. Ruthlessly filter advice based on the competence of the individual. Listen to old wise men.

2) Everything you are hoping to achieve, you can have. Provided you get started today. Tomorrow will never come. Start right now. Learn as you go, you will never be ready. Baby steps.

3) To have stability in life you need a stable goal. To be consistent you need to consistently work for something. You cannot float around doing bits and hope for rigidity. This will fail. Have a goal and consistently work towards it.

4) Your soul knows. Listen to your conscience. Often you rationalise things to appeal to your logic. Stop hamstering. Have a personal relationship with your conscience and keep it clean.

5) Feeling human emotions makes you human. Cut out the tough guy act. It's okay to feel anger, grief, jealousy.. don't dwell on them. Move on quickly. Don't display it for the world to see. Don't cry before your wife or child. Do it when it's just you. Everyone does.

6) Anybody who is judging you is desperately trying to keep his flaws from peeking out from the shadows. This does not mean you don't judge people. Evaluate based on what they bring to the table.

7) a lof of youth have 'anxiety' these days and flaunt it around like it's hip. Workout, meditate, stop porn, eat right, catch the sun, socialize and stay away from substances. Work on a purpose. No more anxiety. Medical conditions are very rare.

8) Live with honour. Do not let an unfortunate experience tarnish your character. To do injustice is to degrade yourself. Avoid it.

9) Do not reject materialism. Cars and mansions are not the problem. Its how much value you assign to them. You can live in an estate and still have the mindset of a monk. Do not be attached to them. They are fleeting pleasures. Instead seek experiences that enrich you.

10) if you are in a terrible spot and have lost a lot. Think of yourself as dead and reborn with a chance to start over again. Now take whatever you have left and build it back brick by brick. Its all about perspectives.

11) All events are cyclical. Its all happened before in one form or another. Look for patterns and your understanding of the world will be much better. Do not follow trends, usually they are manufactured with an agenda to mislead.

12) Never lose sight of what's important. Family. Most of the things you do should be to build one and nourish it for a fulfilling life. Use the rest to enhance your families quality of life. No greatness in activism when the family is suffering.

13) Irrespective of praise or recognition your job is to strive for mastery. Whatever you do, do it to be the best. Do not expect people to notice when you begin, or even when you are halfway. People flock to clap only for the end product. The road to it is lonely but crucial.

14) Never run from adversity. This is your trial by fire. This is how you build resilience and toughen your hide. Most of you are too soft to every understand what testing your mettle really means. Face your demons with fire in your eyes and a blade in hand.

15) Motivation? It is emotional and will last for a day at most. Build habits and systems, this is what transforms lives. I've seen this over and over with my clients.. daily incremental changes and replacing bad habits with better ones will change your life.

16) Do not let failure derail your train. Most of life is a game of momentum. It will carry you very far if you build up to it. Do this with daily victories that compound over time. If you fail, bounce back and keep pushing. Never stop the train.

17) There is nothing that can happen to you that you cannot endure. Whatever shitshow you are currently in, someone else is in deeper waters and dealing with worse. Suck it up, battle it out. Make a plan, use all resources you have, pull yourself out of the deep end.

18) Do not wallow in self pity. Take every L with a fighters mentality. It sucks that this happened, NO. Its great that this happened and you survived it. This is the way of the warrior. Fuck pity and excuses. Those things blunt your sword.

19) There is a lot of randomness and chaos in the universe. Don't try to make sense of everything that happens. Just accept it, learn from it and move on. Avoid stagnation.

20) Do not disregard religion as a fools endeavour. Believing in a certain god is not what's important. It is the act of belief that is powerful. It drives revolutions, changes the fabric of society. Believe in something. Have faith. Derive strength from it. It is infinite

21) You are alive in this moment and this moment alone. Everything else is an illusion. Past is gone, future is uncertain. Your entire existence is in this singular infinitesimal point in time. Your life is just an aggregate of points like this. Make every moment count.

22) Your thoughts lead you to destinations. What you think about determines the quality of life you live. Stop watching the news, get off social media and do something, build something, learn something, teach something. Do this for 3 months and see how beautiful life is.

23) Do not confuse improbable with impossible. Do not assume impossible when it's just extremely difficult. All great acts that call for glory start with humble beginnings and relentless pursuit for excellence. Never forget this.

24) Life is not black and white. There is always a grey area. Give people the benefit of doubt before you box them in. This is lost in society. People are quick to label and cancel. Slow to comprehend and understand. An all time low for humanity. Be better.

25) Get our of your head. You think too much and do too little. Always in perpetual limbo. Start with what you have right now and build as you go. Learn along the way. You will never be perfect.

26) Too much knowledge accumulation is just another cope for inaction. Get the bare essentials necessary to do your job, get started and get better.

27) A majority of what happens to you is out of your locus of control. Work on controlling your mind and you will learn how to deal with them much better. This is how you find strength.

28) Every morning wake up with a joy for life, a curiosity to explore the day and a drive to accomplish something. If you don't feel this way evaluate what's stopping you from it.

29) It's never a mistake to say I don't know. Do not pretend to know something you have no clue about. You come off as a clown and lose credibility. Maintain your integrity.

30) you don't need too much to be happy. Health, decent money and a family is what most of us long for. Its not wrong to want more. Its encouraged to be ambitious. That's how civilizations grow.

Just some thoughts I put down before you enter into the weekend. Have a good one my friends. May the universe shower you with fair winds.

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