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#MysteriesUnravelled 1. How &When did Humans Originate? 1. What happens on 31Dec, dt We All celebrate NewYear? 2.Why Scientifically we Call Earth "Mother" 3.Who Came First Egg or Chicken 4. How Old is the Universe 5.CosmicTime Scales ScientificallyExplained #Thread #KYD

2/n Let us absorb below Points First: 1. Celestial Config is NOT Unique, Repeats in 25920Yr (360Deg*72Yrs/Deg) 2. We are Not a 5000 Yr Old Civilization, We are Infinitely Old , Time is Cyclical 3. Ignoring Concepts of MahaYuga, Kalpa etc=Giving up Smd. Bhagvat Gita & Veda

3/n There are Two Things Scientists haven't Figured Out. -How Old Human Race is -How Actually Species Came into being.

4/n A Very Important Question- In 1000s of Years of History, Did You come across any incident record of a Monkey getting upgraded to Human, as per Darwin's Theory of Evolution ? Shockingly the Answer is No! Let's delve in the Fascinating thread that follows #Thread

5/n Western Creation Date is 23.Feb.4004BC -Thats Why Vedic era is fixed at most 1500BC -History, Education&Science conform to it. -West Initially conculded Humans have been around for Few Thousand Years -But New Findings:: Humans 2.1 Lac Yrs Old & Later 3.5 Crore Yrs Old #Pic

6/n काल is All Relative Time Experience. Only Supreme God head is Above Time or MahaaKaala. From Atom to insects to birds to humans to divine all have relative Time Experiences. What a Buttterfly Experiences in 1 Yr is like what we experience 100 Yrs Please refer the Chart.

7/n Just Look at the Indian TIME scales from Small to Gigantic. These 24hrs, 7 weeks, 12months, 30 days/month Concepts are Ours West never had a an Orginal Calender. These Time Scales are upto what Humans can experience

8/n Gigantic Scales from Human Till Brahma. There are Time Scales above Brahma as well, Not Discussed Here. (0.178 Second) Nimesha->Kastha->Kala->Muhurat->Divas->Paksh->Maas->Ayan Varsh->Yuga->ChaturYuga->Manvantra->Kalpa->Brahma Divas->Brahma Kaal (311.04Trillion years)

9/n Human Time is the Time of Solar System- ONLY Whenever you take Sankalp in Any Temple- The Purohit will Mark your Attendance from the Beginning of The Solar System. Please Read the Below Chart Can you Now Make Your Own Sankalpa? If Yes !, Please Do Post your Sankalpa here !

10/n When we say उसका काया कल्प हो गया, Kalpa means Complete Transition. OUR SOLAR SYSTEM- -In 1st Kapa (Night of Brahma) 4.32 Bn Yrs- Annhilation of Matter into Force & Reasembly of Forces into Matter is Redied. -In 2nd Kapa (Day of Brahma) 4.32 Bn Yrs- Play of Matter & Life

11/n Did You note in Prev Chart, as per Sanatan Dharm: -Earliest Microbial Life Appeared 1.9Billion Yrs Ago- Same as Age of Present Kalpa. -#Pic-Scientific Finding Before the Human Race, all the other Creation&Life was ready 120 Million Yr Ago The First Human Race Appeared

'12/n -Did Egg Came First or Chicken? -How Lice Appears in Head? -How Spiders & Inspects Come Alive in a House was Fully Closed? -1st Batch of All Organisms Created thru Chemical Reaction? -There are 4 Processes thru which Organisms are created-स्वेदज, उदबिज, अंडज, जरायुज #Pic

13/n What Womb is to Mother, Soil is to Earth उदबिज = Life from Seed अंडज = Life from Egg जरायुज= Mamals Including Humans All Come From Soil Chem.Reactions gave rise to first batch of स्वेदज, उदबिज अंडज जरायुज Organisms Doesn’t Mean Cell Became Monkey became Human

14/n SOIL is to EARTH What WOMB is to MOTHER ! -Fluid in Amniotic Sac of WOMB: The Foetus in Womb grows due to Fluid which is Water& Electrolytes; by the 12-14th week also contains Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids & Phospholipids & Urea -SOIL Contains All of These (Like MOTHER)

15/n शरीर मिट्टी है, मिट्टी में मिल जाएगा -Egg (Ovum): created in Soil (Womb) by ChemReaction thru Brahma's "Mind Power" -Soil has All Chemicls of Sperm/Semen: Citric/Amn Acid, Fructs,Enzym,Phsphrylcholine,Prostaglandin,Ka,Zn -Fertilization at many places for मानस पुत्र/पुत्री

16/n Now Ask yourself, If you were the Creator, What Would be your Choice for the First Human Being Born in a Wild Nature? 1. A young Defenseless & Dependant 1 Day Infant 2. A Strong & Intelligent Full Grown Adult who could Nourish himself/herself and save from Wild Animals

17/n 1st Batch of Humans Gestated in Soil (just like in Womb) for Not Months but Years and Erupted Not as babies but as a Adult Men/Women -Before Humans, All जरायज (Mammals) on Earth Were Born Like that only. -Rig-Veda Clearly Describe the Motherly (Womb Like)aspects of Earth

18/n-Each Manvantra Refers to a Human Race, Comprising of a Manu, Different Set of 7 Rishis-SaptRishis, PrajaPatis, Indra and other Gods, Praja and a King as PrajaPati Each Kalpa has 14 ManVantras. (#Pic) -Name of Current Manu: वैवस्वत -Name of Current Kalpa: श्री श्वेतवाराह

19/n 1st Day of Microbial Life on Earth- 1.9Bn Yrs Ago 1st Day when Human Batch Erupted from Soil- 120.17Mn Yr Ago 1st Day of SatyaYug of Present Yugas- 3.53Mn Yrs Ago All the Above on ChaitraShuklaPratipada: Sanatan New Yr is for Humanity But What Happened on 31st Dec- NOTHING!

20/n Next Time Remember to Celebrate New Year On ChaitraShuklaPratipada. (1st Day of Navratra) -This Year it was on 24.March.2020 -Next Year it will be on 12.April.2020 Pls refer below Chart to Know Sanatan Months, Ritu (Seasons) wrt to Georgean Calender.

21/n Known is Infinitesimal of UNKNOWN -Don’t Believe, Just Seek -Ask the Reason & Logic behind everthing & Truth will Just Appear ! -Sanatanis have always been Seekers/Never Believers - From Smd. Bhagvad Gita to Sutras - They Contain Doubts, Questions, Discussions & Answers.

22/n Refrences of #Thread- Nature Science Journal, National Geographic, TheGaurdian, Physorg, Science Direct -Indian Refrences: RigVeda, विशुद्धManusmriti -Dr.SurendraKumar&RajivShastri, Acharya AgniVrat, True History :Calenders- Dr. CK Raju ji & @Sanjaydixit ji @JaipurDialogues


23/n Thank for a patient read Our #SanataniWarrior Group at @i4Kashmir , Works DayNight with निष्काम भाव to bring forth the Unknown Truths! Due to Limitation on Twitter, I have started putting detailed articles on I will keep updating in detail there

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