#fushiita #tojiita Incest || Omegaverse Zen'in Yuuji was what one would call a beloved child. The moment he came out from his Omega mother's body - loud, angry, red and wrinkly - the babe had three people automatically

falling in love with him at first sight. His mother, Jin, gave him a name (before he passed away minutes later due to complications) befitting him - Yuuji.

Yuuji was the golden apple of the Zen'in clan, more so in his father's and step brother's eyes. He was the beloved treasure of the Zen'ins - the clan members (well, what was left of

them after Jin and Toji were through killing 80% of them because they didn't want him and Toji to be together) ready to kill and die for him.

With soft hair as pink as the freshest of sakura petals; eyes as green as the rarests of emeralds with hues of ambers belonging to Jin; smoorh buttercup skin tone that made those thirsting after him wanting to take a lick of him; gentle and divine beauty

like a of goddess of old; vanilla and honey scent so tantalising and calling out to predators - Zen'in Yuuji was one of a kind and he was well protected by his loved ones.

Toji and Megumi were highly protective, and dare one say also possessive of the Omega. Toji had lost count of the numbers of letters he had to burn - all of which asked for his son's hand in marriage to various prestigious clans and families since he was eight - the numbers

increasing after Yuuji presented as an Omega at the age of twelve. Megumi, Yuuji's older step brother, had taken it upon himself  to train even harder to protect his brother from anyone. If one didn't quite get the gist, yes, they were possessive of Yuuji.

As Yuuji grew, so did his beauty. Many were ready to fight to the death for his hand in marriage, but he always politely declined. Most took it with grace and left him be, others

weren't and the too persistent ones (coughNaoyacough) soon find themselves on their backs with either a deadly looking Yuuji or a murderous Megumi and Toji looming over them.

Just because Yuuji had the protection of his father, brother and various powerful others didn't mean he was weak. On the contrary, the Omega was powerful and deadly in his own might - mostly taking after his mother Jin in silent assassination skills. He of course possessed

brute strength like his father and brother, but he kept it on the lowkey, surprising people when he showcased his strength.

As the spare heir, the Omega had to be trained like Megumi to fight and kill. Jin would have turn in his grave if Toji had cut back on Yuuji's studies. The Omega became as deadly as his mother was, and will be even deadlier as an adult.

Yuuji was possessive and protective of his family as well. No one except for him was to cook the food his father and step brother were to consume. He helped the maids in taking care of the two Alphas' laundries and rooms, always happy to look after the two Alphas. Those

around were in awe of him, commenting that he'd make a good wife for a good clan head. With his gentle nature and kindness, Yuuji would make a great mother - a fact Toji and Megumi agreed on with the public.

One night, a maid ventured into the main wing belonging to Toji and his sons. They have been warned not to enter that wing when it was night time, but this servant was new and decided to explore when discovering that she couldn't sleep.

The maid paused in her steps when her ears caught the sound of odd noises coming from the room that definitely belonged to Yuuji. Not only that, Yuuji's sweet scent was coming from there in heavy waves, very intense that even from the distance

she stood she could scent it. Her brows furrowed in confusion. She couldn't stop herself and tip toed over to the fusuma doors and peed into the room. What she saw had her eyes going wide in shock and choking on a gasp.

Yuuji,all in his naked glory, was straddling his equally naked older brother and was bouncing up and down his cock. He had on a look of pure ecstasy on his blushing face. His skin, which was littered with love marks like a sinful canvas, glistened with sweat and his toned muscles

rippled as he went up and down Megumi's cock like a starved man, his cock jiggling and hitting his toned stomach. His mouth was slightly opened and he has drool trailing down his chin, as well as tears of pleasure running down his flushed cheeks.

"Me- ahn! Megumi nii-sama!" Yuuji moaned out with a soft voice, his voice slightly rough around the edges. "Ah! Nii-sama~! More!" The Omega had one of his hands placed on Megumi's muscular chest while the other hand was in Megumi's larger

one - his fingers tangled together with his brother’s. The servant silently clasped a hand over her mouth and nose, stopping herself from gasping out loud as well as trying to stop herself from inhaling more of Yuuji's choking sweet scent.

"Ugh... come on now, Otouto." Megumi grunted out, voice heavy and deep with sex. "Don't get tired now." He cooed, giving a sharp thrust of his hips and making Yuuji shout in pleasure. "Hgn! Oh! I'm- ha! Ahn! I'm tired~" Yuuji whined, his body still trembling

and his thighs shaking, unable to carry him no more. "Ha. What a spoilt brat you are, little brother." Megumi chuckled out, and without further ado, he grabbed hold of Yuuji's forearms and started chanting his hips up roughly.

Squeals and moans were ripped from Yuuji's lips as Megumi started fucking into him with vigour and strength. The lewd sounds of skin slapping against skin and Megumi's cock thrusting in and out of his slick drenched hole became louder.

The servant watched with wide eyes and a heavy blush on her cheeks as the heir of her house fucked his younger brother hard and rough - the Omega praising him and begging for more. "Cum- ahn! Cumming!" Yuuji babbled out. "Nii-sama! I'm-!"

With a loud wail, Yuuji came untouched, the Omega throwing his head back as his cock twitched and released ropes of cum onto his and Megumi's chests - some of it getting on the Alpha's face and said Alpha licking the tiny droplet that landed on his lips with a dark, lustful look.

Not yet done, Megumi changed positions and had Yuuji on his back. He spread his brother’s legs wide open and happily settled in-between them, his cock still buried to the hilt in Yuuji.

The servant must have made a noise because one moment Megumi was smirking down at his trembling and panting brother, the next he qas glaring at her with emerald eyes that spoke of unfathomable pain. She let out a gasp and took hurried steps back. She met a blockage, her back

making contact with something. It was then she realized that there was a tall shadow looming over her and she slowly looked up. The last thing she saw before everything went dark was the sight of her Master's hard and cold emerald eyes.

Back inside the room, Megumi, seeing as the problem was taken care of, continued on with his task - not giving Yuuji the chance to register the sound of bone snapping and the heavy thud that came after. He continued fucking his way into Yuuji's womb, his nails digging into

Yuuji's thick thighs. Moments later, the fusuma doors opened and in stepped in Toji - an amused smirk on his scared lips as he took in the sight of his youngest son gasping and fisting the sheets as his older son fucked him ruthlessly.

"Ho~ I see we're having a family bonding moment." Megumi grunted, giving his father an irritated stare. "More like a brotherly conversation. Don't come ruining I and my little brother's discussion, old man." And with that he once again turned Yuuji around, getting the Omega on

his hands and knees. Toji chuckled. "And what a lovely discussion it is. Too bad I have to interupt and join in like a good father." He slowly removed his Yukata. "But then again, you can share with this old man, can't you, Megumi~" Toji purred out, getting another grunt from

his older son. Without wasting much time, Toji got in front of Yuuji and sat down before the Omega - his cock hard and out. The Omega immediately grabbed hold of his father's cock and took it into his mouth - his lack of gag reflex coming into play.

For the next few hours, the family of three once again took their time to deepening their bond - the two Alphas doing well to breed Yuuji full

with their cum and getting him to cum to the extent he no longer had nothing to give and was squirting, and then begging them to give him time to rest.

Once they were done with Yuuji, the Omega's stomach was distended a little, clearly full with their cum, and he was unconsciousn - his head lying on Megumi's laps while Toji sat close to the open fusuma doors leading outside, smoking from his kiseru pipe.

AN: Finally done with this blasted fic lmao. I hate how as I kept editing and adding more words as I post it here💀💀 oh well

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