SkTs ft Miya Twin banter “Ya do know he’s a vampire, right?” Osamu grimaced at the taste of cheap alcohol. “That’s not a nice thing to say!” Atsumu slurped down another shot, frowning. “What makes ya say that?” Osamu stared blankly for a moment. “He can’t go outside during

the day.” Atsumu pointed, eyes narrowed. “He has fair skin! Even with sunscreen he burns.” “He can’t eat garlic,” Osamu rolled his eyes heavenwards. “Omi’s allergic! People can have allergies, ‘Samu.” Atsumu nearly screeched. “He got that skin reaction after yer cross touched

‘m.” Osamu wanted to collapse on the bar. Be talking to anyone but his oblivious brother. “His skin didn’t like the cheap metal!” Atsumu swayed in his seat. “Fine, if yer so sure. Go ask him,” Osamu sighed, watching his brother’s eyes light up with the suggestion. “I will,

and yer going to be so embarrassed.” Atsumu swayed slightly as he stood, but left the bar in a hurry. Osamu asked God why he was cursed to share a face with such an idiot. Osamu didn’t see Atsumu for two more days, but when he did Atsumu skulked in. Wearing a high turtleneck

shirt in the summer. “Not a vampire, huh?” Osamu watched his brother sink lower in his chair, pouting. “Shut up.”

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