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::: Holistic Healing ::: Keeping our body healthy is easier than we think. Understanding the nature of our body and the illnesses we suffer makes a difference in how we heal. A few thoughts 🪡

0/ Laid out here are truths I found in my experience and research. I write this with the hope that this may be helpful to you and the people you care about.

1/ Our body is mysterious. While it seems like making it healthier is hard, making it cripplingly sick is much harder. Our body survives years of malnourishment, neglect and abuse. Through millions of years of evolution, our body has learned numerous ways to preserve itself.

2/ Our body asks for very little to be healthy: nutritious food, exercise and sleep. It also signals us early on if something is not right. The problem is, the signals are often subtle that we either miss them (say, dry skin) or treat them as mind problems (say, laziness).

3/ The signals of bodily illnesses could be caused by inadequate / excess food, exercise, sleep, in varied blends. Often, multiple independent signals will have one root cause. Our job is to find it and fix it, instead of treating those signals individually.

4/ The signals cause more signals too. (Sleeplessness causes headache, grumpiness, etc.) When a signal becomes too strong, it parades itself as the root cause. (Say, we begin to treat sleeplessness without exploring its root cause!) This is a trap most of us fall into.

5/ To be healthy, one needs to watch out for these signals and figure out what is going wrong. For that, we need to understand what it means to be healthy. Otherwise, subtle signals can masquerade as “normal” conditions of life.

6/ The skin never lies. Dryness, dandruff, cracks, etc. all point to imbalances inside. Indigestion, heartburn, loss of / excess appetite are all signals. Low physical health also results in lethargy, low motivation, low ability to feel happiness, low quality thoughts, etc.

7/ Remember, sometimes “standards” imposed by medical experts can also be awfully wrong. (See image for an example.) We must not normalise illnesses because they have become pervasive.

8/ To think illnesses only have external causes greatly reduces our ability to cure them. An imbalance in our energy (at the cellular level) causes illnesses. Maybe the body isn’t able to get energy or retain it, or use it to fight off pathogens or heal. A change of view helps.

9/ Your blood can provide significant information about your health. Specifically, your haemoglobin, ferritin, vitamins B12 and D, and protein levels directly affect your energy levels. Low levels can translate to physical as well as mental imbalances.

10/ Your resting heart rate is an excellent indicator of overall health. Get a fitness tracker that will let you know your resting heart rate, sleep quality, number of steps a day, etc. It is a game-changer.

11/ To be healthy, we also need to forgo “a pill for every ill” thinking. Our body is incredibly equipped with the ability to maintain itself and heal. We must look for solutions in our eating, activity, and sleeping habits before seeking them elsewhere.

12/ Poor food intake or the body’s inability to assimilate the intake causes malnourishment. Mindful eating fixes the first. Energising the internal organs fixes the second. Consistently practising yoga is the way. Varma Kalai treatment too, if you can find a good practitioner.

13/ When sick, fasting and helping the body clear out its gut accelerates healing. Off late, unfortunately, doctors do not impose food restrictions. (“A pill for every ill” is to blame!) Healing is quicker when you give the body what it needs AND take away what it doesn’t.

Healing must be holistic and integral. Believe in the power of your body to heal, and it will heal. This is not to neglect one form of treatment for another. But, we must realise that a lot of healing is in our hands. 🙏🏼

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