the most important lesson confused bisexual atsumu learned from gay kiyoomi is that "it's not gay if you say no homo after." so as they kiss experimentally in the privacy of their shared room in the youth camp, atsumu says right after, "no homo." it goes on for years.

kiyoomi travels for hours just to see atsumu, hold his hand, take him out on a nice restaurant and give him a goodbye kiss and atsumu allows him to, quietly mumbling "no homo" as he wraps his arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.

kiyoomi even joins the jackals, always having an arm around atsumu all the time and checking him out during practice and in the locker room. as kiyoomi presses him against the wall, pounding into him, atsumu gasps out, "no homo" before he's shut up by a kiss.

even as kiyoomi got down on one knee, a diamond ring seating on the velvet box he's opened, atsumu happily answers, "yes! no homo though." kiyoomi rolls his eyes before slipping the ring in, "you'll never live it down, will you?" atsumu laughs. "never."

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