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gj was the crown prince of an influential nation in order to curry favor with him, the neighboring country sent a beautiful dancer to him as a tribute except it was actually just a ploy to assassinate him and cause his country to fall cw // nsfw #Bosscatspicyfashion

everybody knew the crown prince appreciated beauty his palace was full of magnificent paintings, carvings and potteries he only wore clothes made of the finest materials and delicate designs

he handpicked those who could be his servants if their looks didn't please his eyes, he wouldn’t take them in, men or women

those who had seen the crown prince's palace with their own eyes all said that it looked almost like paradise on earth even his coachman was pleasing to the eyes, and the white horses that pulled his carriage had shiny manes and tails

he was known to never reject beautiful gifts and if even some fancy jewelries and drawings could gain his attention, imagine how much appreciation he would have if it was a real living beauty being sent his way

that night, a lavish banquet was held in the crown prince's palace an envoy from the neighboring country had come to seek alliance with gj's father, the king since they came in goodwill, his majesty was willing to consider their proposal

gj was entrusted by his majesty to hold a welcoming banquet for their guests and of course the crown prince was more than happy to flaunt the "treasures of his paradise" to them, giving the envoys hia utmost hospitality

delicious meals were laid out, fragrant wine filled the air of the hall lively music was playing as the prince exchanged pleasantries with the head of the envoys it was then that they told him a little surprise

"we've prepared a special gift for you, your highness" the envoy leader said "everyone knows nothing could ever compare to your beautiful palace. even our princesses pale in comparison to your handmaids. but we guarantee that this one would please your eyes."

gj hummed, half curious and half not he allowed the envoys to take out this "special gift" of theirs the leader made a gesture towards his subordinates then, from the dispersing crowd, a lone figure emerged under the sparkling light of the chandelier

it was a young man around the same age as the prince his fine, yet slender figure was tightly wrapped in velvet blue corset downward the chest to the hem at the front were intricate ornaments made of gold, the rims and decorative buttons were all in the same opulent color

below, his legs was covered in deep blue silk; the fabric was so long it had to be partially wrapped around his upper body the corset itself was sleeveless below the collar, there was a gap exposing his bare, ample chest

one glance could easily tell just what kind of "gift" this person was supposed to be the young man himself spoke not a single word upon the revelation of his existence, he gracefully stepped towards the center of the hall then, he began to dance along to the music

this person might be a man, but not a single soul in that hall could take his eyes away from him he had already invited some attentions with his mere appearance, and now that his talent was presented for all to see, there were quite a few gasps and whistles coming everywhere

his movements were both daring and elegant the velvet blue corset put emphasized to his voluptuous curves, the deep blue silk waving in the air was he leapt and spinned he followed the rhythm perfectly, as if the music came flowing out of his body

at this point, the lead envoy threw an inconspicuous glance towards thw crown prince gj's eyes were locked solely onto the dancing figure he spared no attention to everything else not his food, his drinks, he even seemed to forget that he still had guests around

it was not with a lecherous look that gj was staring at the dancer he was not drooling like some perverts he simply couldn't take his eyes away from that person he was head over heels as it is

but what did the envoys care about how he was feeling? as long as this dancer they so carefully picked and prepared could draw gj's attention, enough for him to be stunned, their plan would almost be guaranteed success

thus, imagine how delighted they were when at the end of the banquet, the crown prince ordered for the dancer to be brought to his bedchamber the envoys could barely hold their smirk from breaking out, but still they tried to maintain innocence as they were led to their rooms

the crown prince's bedchamber was as luxurious as it was comforting one would imagine it was ladden with gold, silver, and all the rare treasures in the world but in truth, though all the materials inside were of the finest quality, he didn't keep much in there at all

aside of the furniture, there were only a few of his most favorite painting and fresh flowers that his servants would change daily the light was dim in that room faint sweet fragrance from the flowers gently wafted in the air

on the soft bed, gj laid side by side with the dancer—the latter still respectfully kept his distance his smile when he looked at the beauty could only be described as brimming with fondness

gently, he brushed those locks of black hair; his fingers inadvertently touching the long silver earring on the dancer's cute little ear "my dear, what's your name?" he asked the dancer didn't look at him, only casting his gaze down

"...this lowly one is called zhehan...your highness" when he answered, his voice was softer than the night breeze gj took his hand and kissed the joints of his fingers "come lie down beside me. the night is cold and you're wearing so little. don't sit so far away."

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