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#sakuatsu // nsfw, degradation, dumbification /pathetic/ is not a word that should be used to describe sakusa kiyoomi. /pathetic/ is a word that can be used to describe, say, a man on his knees, begging his boyfriend for a sliver of touch, or recognition, or /anything/, -

because he genuinely /cannot/ cum without it. in this scenario, atsumu would confidently call his kiyoomi pathetic. so he does. “god omi… didn’ know it was possible for a big guy like you to look so damn pathetic.” atsumu revels in kiyoomi’s teary eyes. his small mouth -

blubbering nonsense. “a’tsum, atsu /please/-“ “please /what/, omi? already said i’m not gonna touch ya.” “plea-/please/, need you atsu, need your cock, need you, need you, i /can’t/-“ atsumu interlaces his fingers and sits back against the headboard, a perfect image of -

indifference. kiyoomi keels forward, face almost touching the bed. a couple of tears fall onto ruined sheets. his hand still moves fast over his hard, heavy cock. the circle of his fingers looks like it’s so tight it hurts. his hips are working too, on riding a thick dildo -

to chase his release. kiyoomi sobs and whines unintelligible versions of atsumu’s name. begging him to do something, anything. because, well, kiyoomi’s been at this for a while now, (forty minutes. atsumu’s kept track) and as kiyoomi had correctly observed, it appears that he -

simply cannot cum without one miya atsumu. when he had brought this up to atsumu, a little red faced and /more/ than a little desperate, atsumu had been suspicious. seriously? a healthy man in his twenties, /unable/ to jerk himself to completion? seems ridiculous. but… in -

front of atsumu is the crying, kneeling, pleading, /pathetic/ form of his boyfriend kiyoomi. who he's been watching masturbate, using various toys and techniques, for forty minutes now. atsumu himself has already cum twice, as a witness of this show. both times that he did, -

blissed out look on his face and throaty moan on his lips, kiyoomi /screamed/. he begged and begged for atsumu to finish him, to do /anything/ but sit back and run his mouth. but god, atsumu is having so much fun with this. how often does one get to see their stoic, ingenious -

boyfriend reduced to this? “atsu, /anything/, i-i’ll do /anything/, /please, please/-“ kiyoomi is cut off by his own cry as he bounces fiercely on the dildo. he’s more rough than he usually is as he fucks himself on it. he’s sloppy. “baby, why would i touch you when -

you make such pretty noises on your own? you don’t scream like that with me.” this is a lie, kiyoomi does scream for atsumu. once they had to pretend they went to a concert the night before practice to explain why kiyoomi had woken up one morning with his voice completely gone. -

“i can atsu! i can! let me- touch me- i’ll make any noise you- want!” now it /is/ tempting, atsumu won’t deny that. being promised kiyoomi’s body completely at his disposal makes his dick twitch in interest. it would be so easy to give in too. just give up this game and have -

kiyoomi on his cock again. better than that, kiyoomi is probably strung so tight right now that he’d come from just one finger in his needy hole. hm, not even. just a stroke of atsumu’s hand on his cock would have him shooting white. or maybe kiyoomi is so unbelievably close to -

the edge that it really would take /just one touch/ of atsumu’s large hands on his body. god, how tempting it is. and yet atsumu sits back against the headboard, not lifting a finger. when kiyoomi had told him about this little problem, and atsumu had offered this game in -

response, he had promised not to be nice, not to fold under his boyfriend’s large doe eyes and loud, anguished whimpers. “you know what kiyoomi? how about you do something for me first, then /maybe/ i touch ya.” never mind the fact that atsumu’s already gotten off twice, and -

that he’ll get off many more times remembering this night and the sounds kiyoomi is making. “yes! yes, tsum- lemme- anything atsu i’ll do anything whatd’you wan’ me to do?” kiyoomi slurs, eyes bright but foggy with his neediness. “get me off with that mouth of yours, -

omi. i won’ touch ya for the time bein’ but if yer real good i might help ya with yer little problem. that sound good?” atsumu doesn’t actually plan on getting kiyoomi off so easily, he wants to keep him going for at least an hour. “yes, yes! atsu i’ll suck you off /so good/-“ -

“god okay, get to work, ya dumb slut.” kiyoomi whimpers at the name, then does as he’s told. he unclenches around the dildo which had filled his hole as a poor substitute for atsumu. he crawls forward to atsumu’s lap until atsumu’s half hard cock bobs in front of his teary -

face. atsumu very pointedly doen't grab onto kiyoomi’s curls to stuff his pretty mouth. in fact be waits very patiently as kiyoomi chokes down half of atsumu’s cock, taking the other half in one hand to stroke to full hardness. kiyoomi then proceeds to give the world's most -

enthusiastic blowjobs. it’s not… the world’s best blowjob, what with kiyoomi literally crying on his dick as he bobs his head up and down frantically. and not with the sloppy, downright careless way that atsumu’s cock lewdly slides in and out of kiyoomi’s small mouth. still, -

it is incredibly obvious that kiyoomi is giving his entire being into this blowjob. and if that isn’t hot then atsumu doesn’t know what- /no./ kiyoomi’s head abruptly stops moving, atsumu’s cock sheathed to the hilt in his mouth. and kiyoomi groans, obscenely, the vibrations -

making atsumu lightheaded. whimpering, shuddering, sobbing profusely, kiyoomi cums. just from getting atsumu’s dick to fill his mouth. /god./ “omi? didja just cum?” mouth still stuffed, kiyoomi nods, maybe a little ashamed. atsumu laughs through the overwhelming arousal -

threatening to consume him. “wow, ya really are just a useless slut fer me.” . atsumu dries kiyoomi’s wet face. “yer clean now omi.” “thank you, atsu. that was… amazing.” “nah omi, you were the amazin’ one trust me.” kiyoomi grins a little at that. then he rolls over -

as if to slip off the bed. “where ya goin’?” “to shower? i’ll shower alone if you want to lie down for a little longer. i just feel really gross right now.” atsumu takes kiyoomi’s wrist, pulling him close. lets out a few puffs of breath next to kiyoomi’s ear. "uh-uh baby. -

can’t even cum without my help, ya think i trust ya to shower all alone? what about gettin’ dressed after that? or to do anythin’ without me?” kiyoomi can’t help but shudder. blushing prettily, he shakes his head no. “mhm, tha’s right. i guess ya do got a brain up there omi. -

not just a stupid whore for my cock, huh?” kiyoomi turns to face atsumu. his eyes are the most clear they’ve been all night. he says, with a small smile playing on his lips and that familiar dry bluntness, “atsumu, as we have just discovered, that's /exactly/ what i am.”

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