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Ghislaine Maxwell likely ran one of the most powerful Reddit accounts in history. It was the: - 8th highest ranking account in total karma - 1st account to reach 1M karma - Power mod for the site's largest subreddits She posted almost daily until she was taken into custody.

When she wasn't posting about the top news of the day, she often wrote about the ages of sexual consent, the supposed overreach of sex offender laws, pedophilia, graphic violence against children, "over-zealous" child protection legislation & advocated for the legalization of cp.

The rare instances Maxwell logged off Reddit for more than a day at a time align with big events in her life, including the wake of her mother's death & the much-discussed Kleiner Perkins party where former Reddit CEO Ellen K. Pao claimed she saw her in attendance.

"Maxwellhill," the account's username, is speculated to be a combo of her surname & her family estate in the UK, Headington Hill Hall. In a recent Gizmodo article, Mat Honan listed the anonymous u/Maxwellhill as the most powerful person on the internet.

Maxwellhill's AMA strongly suggests the account owner is British by the terminology she uses. For instance, their favorite word is "Bollocks" and the use of English colloquialisms. That the user claims to be male is likely an attempt to remain anonymous, which is not surprising.

Maxwellhill worked closely with Reddit co-founders to help seed content & popularize the site. If Reddit knowingly gave control of their frontpage to Ghislaine for 14yrs, that means the top news site was editorialized by one of the most prolific child-sex traffickers in history.

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