skts | accidentally kiss Atsumu asks Kiyoomi to help him with his necklace just before the friendly match begins. Though he didn’t say anything, the raven walks towards him and bends closer to have a closer look. Atsumu watches Kiyoomi’s exposed forehead for seconds +

before subconsciously kisses it. Flustered, Atsumu flails his arms in exaggerated manner trying to explain himself. “That’s something my maa used to do a lot when we were helping her! I’m sorry, Omi, I just- ya know- it’s right in front of me”

Equally flustered Kiyoomi touches his forehead. He can still feel Atsumu’s lips on it that he flinches in his daydream. “Let’s not talk about it ever again” “Deal”

Kiyoomi warms up by passing the ball back and forth with Bokuto as his partner. He’s doing it purely by muscle memory because his mind is elsewhere. That’s when he notices Osamu and Rintaro comes in with boxes on their hands far back at the corner. Kiyoomi wants to ignore them +

until he sees Osamu kisses Rintaro on his forehead. Now, Kiyoomi’s stomach twists as he watches Rintaro leans down and kisses Osamu on the lips after the two exchange smiles. He then feels a hard hit on his head. He falls to the floor and his thoughts and wishes are thrown out +

the window. “Omi-san!” “Sakusa!” the teammates yell in unison. “Omi? Ya okay?” Atsumu asks, upside down and Kiyoomi wants to pull his head closer and kisses him but guess he is still in his right mind. “No, shit” --

Kiyoomi notices Atsumu getting ready to leave as he exits the shower. Atsumu is dressed nicely instead of in a hoodie, as he usually does. He wears casual outerwear and basic shirt underneath. He has a lovely appearance and smell.

Kiyoomi steps back in awe of him. Like what people do in a museum to admire art. Kiyoomi wonders, “Are you always that pretty?” out loud. He gasps. Atsumu smiles back at him, “Did ya find me pretty, Omi-kun?”

The answer is obvious but Kiyoomi chose to not boast the pretty blonde even more. “Where are you going?” Kiyoomi asks as he walks towards his locker, “On a date?” he adds. His heart suddenly starts to race. Waiting for Atsumu’s answer is nerve-wracking and when Atsumu says, +

“Yeah” Kiyoomi has to hold the locker door for support. “With myself” Atsumu adds before laughing. “It’s been a while since I went for a walk and had a nice dinner. So, I’m going to have one tonight” “Alone?” Kiyoomi asks without hesitation. “Why? Do ya want to come along?”

Atsumu teases, watches Kiyoomi furrows his brows before turning his back and start dressing. Atsumu chuckles, checks himself out for the last before closing the locker door. “Well, I’m leaving first” Atsumu watches Kiyoomi furious tapping on his face before grabbing another +

skincare product before mumbling, “Okay, wait for me at the front door. I won’t take long” The responses cause Atsumu’s eyes to widen. Kiyoomi doesn’t even look at him but the tip of his ear is already red. Atsumu curls his toes in excitement.

“Okay. Ya don’t have to put too much effort on yer look though. I know yer charming without doing anything” he tells and leaves Kiyoomi smiling by himself and rushing to get ready. -- Atsumu spreads his arms wide, seemingly welcoming the cool breeze that blows in their faces.

They leave the restaurant and go for a walk after, with Kiyoomi placing his hands in his pockets as they walk side by side. “I eat a lot. I usually don’t eat that much when I’m alone” Atsumu tells. Kiyoomi just hums. With a big smile on his face, he watches Atsumu randomly +

talking. Kiyoomi tilts his head for a better view and notices Atsumu’s smile in his eyes. He wishes to see more of him. “My feet hurt when I walk downhill. Let’s walk backward” Kiyoomi says, making Atsumu laugh. Thank God, he was able to see it more clearly this way.

“Be careful though” Atsumu extends his hand in support but Kiyoomi isn’t sure whether he could stay sane after holding it or not. So to prepare for the worst case, he shrugs it away. “No, I don’t hold hands” “Ya might fall, Omi”

Kiyoomi looks down, chuckles lightly which makes Atsumu pouts. The blonde thought that the raven is making fun of him for being worried over something. But then Kiyoomi looks and stares at Atsumu for seconds before taking his hand and lightly squeezing it. As he looks between +

Kiyoomi and his hand, Atsumu wonders what is going on. “Might fall? Ridiculous, I already falling, Atsumu” Kiyoomi says in a soothing voice Atsumu never expected to hear. Slowly, as if in a slow motion, Kiyoomi sees how those pretty lips form a lovely smile.

He sees how Atsumu’s eyes sparkle and how his laugh makes Kiyoomi tenses up his knuckles, calms his nerves right now. “Ya never use my real name, Omi. Always call me by Miya, so, what’s-“ “Yeah, I’m just afraid you will know my feelings”

Kiyoomi has never been a good listener, but he wants to hear everything Atsumu has to say. He is never good with people, but he wants to give it his all for Atsumu. He has never given enough thought to what others think of him but he wants Atsumu to think highly of him.

“I honestly can’t remember half the things we talked about, but it was really nice. I want to do this again and again” Kiyoomi tells. “Nice thing ya came out before I’m leaving-“ Kiyoomi takes a step forward while pulling Atsumu close. He can see the panic in Atsumu’s eyes +

before they calm down when Kiyoomi caresses his cheek. “There isn't a single coincidence here, Atsumu. It’s all on purpose. /I/ want to go out with you, so I asked, albeit vaguely, if I could accompany you. It’s a calculated plan” Atsumu laughs, finally getting whats happening.

It’s funny, Kiyoomi is so serious that Atsumu thought the raven wants to reject him or something before he can even confess. Though Kiyoomi beats him to it, Atsumu doesn’t want to complain. It’s a win-win situation. “Yeah? Then I bet ya can’t kiss me here. Or can ya?”

Atsumu teases, looks up ever so slightly to see Kiyoomi's smiling face. “I’m so kiss deprived after your so-called-accidentally kiss and heaven great, you are so kissable right now” Kiyoomi says, tenderly cupping Atsumu's face and admiring it before leaning in. -fin-

ps: i watched korean reality show called EXchange and i love it when heedo walked backward because his feet hurt walking downhill but i guess its just because he wants to see jiyeon more?? idk but its so cute and sweet <3

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