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My wife recently said, “I love your confidence. It’s hot.” I wasn't always confident, this is how I changed. // a thread 🧵

• Be firm in your decisions. Be calculated. Look at all angles. But when you decide, own it.

• Stand for something. Don’t hesitate on your beliefs. If you believe in something, don’t let the crowd sway you.

• Be strong mentally. Get up early, before anyone else. Read every day. Never stop learning. Feeding your mind feeds your confidence.

• Be strong physically. If you have to lose weight, lose weight, but lifting weights is a non-negotiable. Have a strong jawline. When a woman feels protected, she feels confident in you and her confidence in you grows your confidence.

• Don’t bow to fear. Take calculated risks but don’t bow down. Flip the script and search fear out. Make a list of everything you’re fearful of and hunt every single one of them down. Fear is a liar.

• Be adventurous. Nothing gives you confidence like rappelling down a waterfall or skydiving or climbing a volcano. Make a list of adventures and pick them off one by one. You’ll be surprised how fast they stack up. Adventures grow massive confidence.

• Never talk negatively about yourself. Never. If that's an area you need to improve on, make a plan and execute it. Sooner than later. Be self-aware and be intentional about making necessary changes.

• Take responsibility. Admit when you’re wrong. On the face of it, this seems weak. It’s not. It shows serious strength. Weak men don’t admit when they’re wrong. They’ll argue to the death.

• Be a storyteller. Learn to tell stories well. Tell about your adventures. Notice when people react and when they’re bored. Adjust your story. This will get you through social situations like an alpha male.

• Don’t compare yourself. Confident people don’t compete with others. They set goals and methodically work towards those goals, without announcing every move. Confident men compare themselves to the person they were yesterday.

• Be compassionate. Your confidence grows when you help others. Especially those who can’t help themselves. Train your mind to always be on the lookout for those in need.

• Surround yourself with quality friends. When your friends are interesting, educated and confident, it raises your game in all areas. Don't confuse confident friends with jackasses. Fake confidence leaves clues. Growing confidence makes you a man not a jackass.

• Be generous and kind. Tip the hell out of your waitress. She should always ask if you meant to leave that much. It does two things. It demonstrates that everyone has value regardless of their job and it’s living from a stance of abundance. This is a confidence machine.

• Protect those who need protecting. Never ever be the guy watching a bully yell or physically assault someone. Stand for the oppressed. Care for the widow. Adopt the orphan.

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