Nate Stone - Testosterone & Male Health Optimizer

Nate Stone - Testosterone & Male Health Optimizer



Low testosterone is the true pandemic men face But if you follow these steps, you can achieve optimal testosterone and health Gaining all the competitive advantages that high testosterone brings you //20 Ways To Optimize Testosterone Thread🧡//

Average testosterone levels are at an all time low & still dropping 1999-2000 (605.39 ng/dL) 2003-2004 (567.44 ng/dL) 2011-2012 (424.96 ng/dL) 2013-2014 (431.76 ng/dL) 2015-2016 (451.22 ng/dL) 2021 - Even lower This is a major issue & here is why πŸ‘‡

With low T levels you have far worse Sleep Libido Moods Energy Fat loss Recovery Immunity Confidence Mental focus Erectile health Muscle growth In short low testosterone = a lower quality of life With optimized/ high testosterone you have a higher quality of life.

1. Get To 10% - 15% Body Fat Long term probably the most important! Excess fat = Excess estrogen The more body excess body fat you carry the more of your testosterone is converted to estrogen! 2. Cut the sugar High sugar = High Insulin High Insulin = T suppressed

3. 7 - 8 hrs of quality sleep Most testosterone is produced while you sleep Low sleep = High cortisol High cortisol = Low T Improve sleep quality with 3.1 No caffeine after noon 3.2 Morning sun exposure 3.3 No blue light 2 hrs before bed 4. Supplement Zinc

5. Eat animal foods Cholesterol is found in animal fats & is the building block of testosterone If you aren't consuming sufficient cholesterol, T production suffers Some top cholesterol sources are Beef Eggs Shell Fish 6. Supplement with magnesium (Ideally before bed)

7. Minimize plastic exposure Especially any plastic that comes in to contact with your mouth Due to endocrine disruption (lowers testosterone) & chemical estrogens 8. Get More Sun On Bare Skin Vit D3 is vital for healthy testosterone production & sunlight is your main source.

9. Supplement Vitamin D3 Unless you live in Phoenix Arizona, even with the extra sunlight you will now be getting you likely won't get enough D3 So you need to supplement. I would recommend at least 5,000 IU If you have a darker complexion have more! 10. Stay away from soy!

11. Regular resistance training Heavy lifts which work multiple muscle groups are best So ideally compound Squats Deadlifts Bench press Barbell Rows Most important is you are doing RT at least 3x per week 12. Eggs daily Jam packed with cholesterol & T boosting nutrients.

13. Lower Cortisol Levels Sleep is your main tool here! There are many ways to keep cortisol levels down Some of my favorites Yoga Walking Grounding Breathing exercises

14. Stay away from ultra processed foods If you can't find it in nature You probably shouldn't eat it!

15. Avoid toxic veg/ seed Oils Canola Soybean Corn Oils Rapeseed Vegetable Sunflower You should stick to Lard Ghee Olive Tallow Avocado Coconut Organic butter 16. Supplement Boron 17. Drop beer It increases estrogen & lowers testosterone.

18. Walk daily Studies show that men who get under 4K steps daily had a far, far higher likelihood of low testosterone than men who get over 8K daily 19. Season your food with Garlic, Parsley & Ginger All aid T levels 20. Fix posture Good posture = lower cortisol = higher T

P.S. I have 5 slots for men to join the Carved From Stone System If you want optimized testosterone & optimal Focus Moods Energy Fat loss Muscle gains Sexual health The CFS system is for you DM me "STONE" to find out more πŸ‘‡ (This is not free)

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