Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)

Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)



cw / trans Atsumu / high school Miya twins Thinking about Osamu only being allowed to fuck Atsumu’s thighs because Atsumu doesn’t really trust condoms and he’s NOT getting pregnant at 16.

Osamu who is totally fine with it, Atsumu’s thighs are fat and plump and feel extra nice when he squish them together to fuck between them, but sometimes, when he’s really into it, when Atsumu is playing with his clit and moaning as Osamu fucks his thighs faster and faster,

Sometimes, when Osamu’s dick catches between the wet folds of Atsumu’s cunt and he gets to feel (for a very brief moment) how warm and slippery he is, he wishes they could do the real thing. Just once. Just to know what Atsumu feels like.

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