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cw: miyacest, age gap When Atsumu starts going through puberty, the first time he gets a boner he panics, running to his older brother Osamu with his dick out, hard and stiff. "nii-chan! nii-chan! something's wrong!" he says, crying as he points down towards his crotch.

"what's wrong with it? is it going to fall off?! it's so hard it hurts" he exclaims, and Osamu starts laughing. "No, Tsumu, it's not going ta fall off. It just means yer excited." "Excited? I don't understand!" Atsumu questions, sobbing. "Shhh. Don't cry. It's okay. Yer just

fine" Osamu calms him, wiping away his tears. "Let me show ya exactly what I mean." This moment marks the beginning of Atsumu's sexual journey, entering into the world of pleasure.

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