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1 Billion people use Microsoft Excel. Want to master Microsoft Excel? 🧵Here are 10 functions every user should know:

1/ Remove Duplicates: Use the shortcut: Alt + A + M

2/ Filter: FILTER allows you to search data based on a query. For example, you can filter a column to show a specific product or date. You can also sort in ascending or descending order. The shortcut for this function is CTRL + SHFT + L

3/ Transpose: Transpose can transform data in rows, to instead be shown in columns (or vice versa) To transpose a column to a row: • Copy the data in the row • Select the cell you want the row to start in • Right click > choose paste special > select transpose

4/ DatedIf: DatedIF calculates the number of (1) days, (2) months, or (3) years between two different dates =DATEDIF(X,Y,"D") X: Start date cell Y: End date cell D: Time interval • D- Days • M- Months • Y- Years

5/ UPPER, LOWER, PROPER: =UPPER converts text to all uppercase =LOWER converts text string to lowercase =PROPER converts text to proper case

6/ Sparklines: Use sparklines to show trends or patterns in your data Sparklines allow you to insert mini charts inside of a cell, and provides a visual representation of data On the 'Insert tab', click 'Sparklines'

7/ Importing data from websites: You can use Excel pull data from different websites, data sources, text files, other Excel files or databases • Select 'Data' > Get & Transform > From Web • Press CTRL+V to paste the URL into the text box, then select OK

8/ Goal Seek: Goal Seek uses trial & error to back-solve math problems, by plugging in guesses until it arrives at the correct answer. It's also known as 'What-if' Analysis You can get quick answers with Goal Seek

9/ Wildcards: Wildcards allow you to perform partial matches in Excel formulas, by using special characters Excel has 3 wildcards: • tilde ( ~ ) • asterisk ( * ) • question mark ( ? )

10/ Conditional Formatting: Conditional formatting can show patterns and trends in your data. It helps to better visualize data Go to: Home > Conditional Formatting > Highlighting Cell Rules

Bonus/ Microsoft Excel has stories, so you can share updates with co-workers, on what you are working on. Use the shortcut: Ctrl + Q

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