Tattvam Asi (तत्त्वम् असि!)

Tattvam Asi (तत्त्वम् असि!)



One chief Justice of high court gave a decision 1 day before retirement on a matter related to a cement company and made 100cr…

On CJI (Supreme Court) allowed dual usage of shops and houses in Delhi, his son made 250crores with one judgment..

One CJI from kerala sold judgements through family all his life, was even outed with calls made to censure him

I saw one retired CJI staying at an industrialist’s house in london with Family. Incidentally the same judge gave couple of verdicts ( favorable) for the industrialist during his tenure

There was a Mumbai high court judge in mumbai who released 58 properties of Dawood family in 1 day. Later Sr advocates and Bar council people barged into his chamber and discovered bags of cash… Sr Advocates refused to appear before him. He could have been in SC but became CM

One Prayagraj HC judge (later who went to mumbai) had bags full of cash in his chamber, was forced transferred when Bar council objected to his way of giving judgements to his nephews/nieces

I was almost sent to jail by a high court judge for refusing to give free IPL passes as the judge sent his protocol officer demanding passes under “Judge’s quota”. I refused and asked security to throw them out. Later police came and took me to his house. BCCI intervened.

She resigned rather than crept a transfer. Why all allegedly corrupt judges are transferred to NE?

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