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"Order and Simplification are the first steps towards Mastery" - T. Mann Here's my most Profitable Trading Strategy, Simplified into 5 steps 🧵

Firstly, Why trade the range? Markets are ranging 75% of the time Mastering the range allows you to trade all the time! During both bear and bull markets. Now time for the strategy, in 5 steps 🤑

1/ Range forms • This suggests liquidity pockets on both ends • Once price takes out one end, it goes for the other • I draw the range on HTF and enter trades on the LTF Marking the right range is key to good PA analysis✔️

2/ Wait for Trapped Liquidity First sign = deviation below range • As prices snap back into range • Traders who short below the range are now Trapped. • They have to buy/long to stop loss. When they buy, they push prices up Trapped liquidity = fuel for prices to move🚗

3/ Break in Market Structure (MSB) This confirms the trapped liquidity • Deviation + MSB = trapped liquidity • The MSB also forms a Demand Order Block (OB) for our entry Without a MSB, the up move could just be a lower high forming. Don't trap yourself!

4/ Enter on retest of newly formed Demand OB Wait for a sweep or a swing failure pattern to confirm strength of Demand OB I only enter after confirmation of strength 💪

5/ Trade Targets T/P at Range high • Yes prices can go further up, but we can always re-enter on the retest. S/L below the deviation. • The deviation gives a clear area of invalidation. • Anything below that leads to a bearish MSB. Always have targets before you Enter🎯

TLDR: Range trading strategy: 1) Range forms 2) Wait for trapped liquidity (a sweep or deviation below range) 3) MSB to confirm trapped liquidity 4) Enter on retest 5) T/P at range high, S/L below deviation

Did you know Casinos make millions off their 2% edge in blackjack? I am a perfectionist, and I want to win. Every small optimization to the plan for that 1% extra is worth it. 4 Rules to Improve your Success rate 😉

Rule 1: Trade with the trend 📈 The trend is your friend 👭

Rule 2: Don't take the trade when opposing liquidity has been collected

Rule 3: Be wary of the Triple Tap on the opposing end Triple taps could mark the start of a reversal ♾

Rule 4: Be wary of the 3rd range in a trend • This is a concept I've picked up from Elliot Wave traders • Each trend has 3 impulse waves & 2 small correction waves • After which, there would be a large correction wave The 3rd range in a trend could be that large correction

TLDR of rules; 1) Trade with trend 2) Don't take the trade when opposing liquidity has been collected 3) Be wary of the Triple Tap on the opposing end 4) Be wary of the 3rd range in a trend

Nothing in life is set in stone. • Trading is discretionary • The rules are not rigid, they are there for you to consider before taking the trade • The strategy and rules just provides a good thinking frame work. Don't follow blindly. Think, practice and optimize.

Alright that's all folks. I hope what I've shared is useful. Retweet if you've learnt something Follow me at @Tims9101 for more trading related content Cheers 😇 #Trading #Cryptocurrency

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