HEY SO... here's something i've wanted to do for a while: recommended ! era knights stories + reading order!!! i never did it until now bc graphic design is Not my passion so extra thank yous to @leefbasil for making the beautiful graphics! <333 (1/5)

from here on are more detailed looks into each story. for overall suggested reading order, see the previous tweet! (2/5)

leo intro arc + izumi pain arc (3/5)

healing interlude + leo pain arc (4/5)

road to requiem + requiem ! (5/5)

once again there is no obligation to read in this order, just thought i'd compile together something that might help people read knights' story in a way that gradually builds upon their themes and plotline. i adore their story from ! era so much so i hope more folks will too...!

shout out to stories that i wanted to include but couldn't really find a way to T_T pours one out feel free to save the slides for your own reference!

woops i think sweets patisserie was meant to be italicized instead of main story in the overall order but otherwise!!! yeah!

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