CamBoy!Atsumu who puts on shows for his audience every Friday. Showing off his panties, a new collar, the plug holding him open and wet. Sakusa, his roommate, wearing headphones so he can watch, every Friday, as he jacks his cock raw. Teeth marks on his knuckles to stay quiet.

"Omi," Atsumu pouts into the camera. "When are ya going to come over here and play, instead of wasting all that cum?" Atsumu watches as his viewers start spamming question marks, listening to thumping and cursing in the room next to him. Then silence. Five seconds later and his

door is thrown open, banging against the wall loudly. "Omi!" Atsumu brightens. "I'm so glad yer here! I used watermelon lube just in case!" Sakusa's hair is a frazzled mess, eyes wide and slightly crazed. His mouth open, and he didn't bother to put his shorts back on. Good,

he is exactly how Atsumu wants him. "You." Sakusa stops. "Knew. Know. You?" Atsumu tilts his head as his listens to the stuttering and disjointed words. "Omi, it can't be a coincidence that I can hear ya jerking off the same time as every single one of my shows. Even the

late ones," Atsumu pauses. "Oh, and ya say my name a lot." Sakusa looks like he wants to die. Crimson crawling up his neck and spreading. His cock is still hard in his briefs, and Atsumu can see the wet spot on the front. He wants to suck it. "Are ya gonna join me, or are ya too

camera shy?" Atsumu wiggles his hips. He's wearing pink thigh highs, and a jeweled plug between his cheeks. And that's it. Atsumu can see Sakusa physically gulp, hands shaking as he pulls his shirt over his head. He almost looks to be in a trance. "Fuck," Sakusa sinks to his

knees next to the bed. Big hands cupping Atsumu's ass, and then spreading him with his thumbs. "Look at you." Atsumu isn't even sure Sakusa is paying attention to their audience, but he does such a good job teasing without even trying to. "I think I'd rather have yer tongue in

me instead," Atsumu breathes out through his nose harshly. The first lick is around the plug, just teasing his stretched rim. He can't help but drop his head and moan as Sakusa pulls the plug out and pushes it back in, all while his tongue paints wet strokes all around it. Atsumu

tilts his face towards the camera, can his his shiny lips and pink cheeks. He pushes his hips back, gripping onto Sakusa's hair with one hand, as he is yanked open even wider. The next time the plug pops out of him, Sakusa replaces it with his tongue. "Omi, so good to me," Atsumu

cries as he tries to ride the stiff tongue inside of him. "Atsu," Omi pulls back, gasping against his skin. He licks Atsumu from tailbone to the top of his crease. "You taste so good." Atsumu clenches on nothing, warmth brewing in his belly. His whole body shaking as Sakusa

continues to moan against him, eating him out like he's been starved for it. Spit slides down him, and he feels so messy and open. Sakusa slips two fingers inside of him easily, and Atsumu almost feels like he's been electrocuted. His body is buzzing, burning. He feels so much

and he still wants more. "Omi, yes. Want it. Want ya. Give it to me." The fingers inside of him hook down, and it surprises Atsumu into an orgasm. His cock twitches against his belly as Sakusa continues to massage his prostate, mouth still keeping him wet and slick. "So fucking

pretty," Sakusa's voice is gravely and low. Sakusa pulls his fingers out, but latches his mouth on. Sucking at the open wet mess of his hole. Tongue dragging along the rim. Atsumu can't help but grind back slightly, even though the stimulation is almost painful. "Omi, I'm done.

I came. I can't," Atsumu nearly sobs, cock starting to harden again. Sakusa nips at his hole one more time before pulling back. Atsumu doesn't bother looking at chat, flipping over to stare at his roommate instead. If Sakusa looked like a mess before, he looks unhinged now.

Lips and chin shiny with spit and lube. His mouth red and puffy, probably matching Atsumu's hole. Atsumu glances at the now much larger wet spot spreading across the front of Sakusa's briefs. His cock fucking aches as he gets fully hard again. "Oh baby. Did that make ya cum?"

Atsumu pulls him in close, licks at the mess on his chin. "You just taste so good," Sakusa breathes him in, hand sliding through Atsumu's release on his tummy. Wet fingers come back up and Sakusa pops them into his mouth and moans. "You taste perfect." Atsumu's head drops back as

his body trembles. "What do ya think, chat? Ya wanna see Omi fuck me? Wanna see his fat cock destroy me?" Atsumu keeps his eyes on Sakusa's dark ones. Can feel his hips twitch forward feebly. "Better than watching, huh?" Atsumu whispers into Sakusa's ear as they watch the

donations start to wrack up. Sakusa presses their lips together for a soft kiss, mouth tasting like Atsumu and watermelon. "I like both," Sakusa admits. "But I love touching you." Atsumu smiles, spreading his legs. "Let's see what ya think after I'm full of yer cum."

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