1. Dont compare with others - Everyone is running their own race. - If you compare your Step 1 with step 100 of others, you will lose the enthusiasm to move forward. - Comparing with others is doing injustice to yourself. - Compare with yourself, where you were yesterday.

2. Be kind to yourself - Discipline yourself to be fit and healthy. - At the same time be kind to yourself, to understand that every day cannot be perfect. - There will be ups and downs in life. - Being harsh yourself for missing things pulls down your self confidence

3. Nurture the power of positive self talk - Keep saying - ' I can do this task. It is easy.. I can handle it ', your brain finds ways to solve it. - Whenever you feel negative thoughts creeping in , cut that out and start with positive talk.

4. Face your wildest fears - List down your fears. - Work on each one of them for a month. Suppose if you are scared of public speaking, keep practicing. - Your fears pull down your self confidence. Face them and notice your self confidence Soar higher and higher.

5. Excel at the art of saying NO - It takes confidence to convincingly say NO to things. - If you overburden yourself with too many tasks that you cannot complete, it pulls down your confidence. - Prioritize and plan your work.

6. Dont set goals that are too tough to achieve - Every goal you set, have a plan on how you want to achieve it - Having a goal to complete a task 15 days, which actually takes 20 days is a realistic goal. But trying to finish it 5 days is unrealistic. - Set realistic goals

7. Know the art of getting things done - A huge to do list ? Very few things done at the end of the day? It does not make you feel good about yourself - Delegate what all you can. - End result - most of the things done and confidence levels go up.

8. Focus on your strengths, embrace your weakness. - You tend to give more attention to your weakness and feel less confident. - Focus on ur strengths. They help you grow better. - Slowly, one step at a time, work on your weakness.

9. Listen to empowering music. - Music can heal, empower and do lot more. - When you want to feel more confident, turn on some music that lifts you up.

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