Patrick Strudwick

Patrick Strudwick



EXCL: All those saying the World Cup could change things in Qatar? Here’s the only out gay Qatari warning there’ll in fact be a crackdown on LGBT ppl after the tournament to “cleanse the Western influence”. “It’ll be us left suffering the consequences.”

2/ All the focus has been on whether LGBT fans would be arrested in Qatar by the authorities, but this completely misses another threat altogether according to Dr Nas Mohamed: hate crimes by locals.

3/ The first LGBT football fan club for Qatar has just been launched, called the Proud Maroons. Its tagline is completely extraordinary and tells the world exactly what the state of affairs for human rights in Qatar is.

4/ The Proud Maroons website has started publishing anonymised interviews with LGBT Qataris. Here's one from older gay man, whose been doing drag in private for decades. Read this and tell me the World Cup should be in Qatar.

5/ Here's a taste of conversion therapy in Qatar, in which homosexuality is an imprisonable offence. "One of them told me that they were told to go watch lesbian porn until they’re not gay anymore.” “That is exact hypocrisy,” he said.

6/ The situation facing people with HIV in Qatar has barely been reported, but it needs addressing. "Some face either losing their job or being consigned to a desk job so they’re 'not touching people'."

7/ Finally, if you're going to Qatar to watch the football, and want to contact me for any reason — if something happens to you while you're there, or if you witness something — you can DM me, email or call me (I can send you secure numbers).

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