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🧵On Finding Alfa On-Chain: Whale Edition 🐋 First I’m teaching you how to fish 🎣 At the end of the thread I’ll throw you a big fat fish 🐟 Stop scrolling, anon! The alfa is staring you right in the face LFG!

If that wasn't enough, I'll write a longer form blog article with the actual whale wallet addresses, so you can keep an eye on them yourself in the future. Alright, so where does one start? You start with & you start with a fundamentally good project

What would you rather find: - 🐳🐳🐳 who were early to meme coins that got rugged? or - 🐋🐋🐋 who invested early in the blue chips of today? Exactly... So let's start with $DPX, a recent fundamentally good project I missed out on

1) We find the contract address on coingecko of $DPX 2) put it in etherscan 3) click on DPX token tracker Also you can type in Dopex in etherscan search, but its good to get the hang of tracking contract addresses. Can't use search for unknown, newly listed tokens.

Once you have done there's a couple options. Either you want to see who was early to that project or you want to find out who the largest holders are. Today we'll use the first method So with transfers we want to go back to the last page of transfers

Then amongst those who were early, we want to see who the heavy hitters were. Basically you make a list of all the big transactions in the first week or so. This is where it gets tricky.

You now have to look through the past behavior of these whales to see if they got lucky, or are consistently early, or bought the top and are underwater. For the purpose of this thread I'll leave that for Whale Edition Part 2, as this is a time sensitive matter.

I have done the hard work for you and found one particular whale of interest that bought over 10.000 $DPX in several buys We then plug his wallet in etherscan or @DeBankDeFi to learn more about this 🐋 Well, we hit the jackpot.

This seems to be the nr. 1 whale by social rankings on debank. There is plenty of people following him already, so you may be frontrun. Also there seems to be a lot of activity in his wallet Now before you ape into all these coins: Be careful with etherscan

Scammers know that people like you & me are watching whale wallets. They will airdrop tokens (and make it look like they came from uniswap V2). If you buy them, your money will be lost, you can't take it out. Another possibility is that there's a URL in the token name.

They try to get you to interact with your wallet on that website and hack/scam you that way. The whole point for this thread, is that you learn how to fish 🎣 Not blindly ape This method will only give you an advantage for finding tokens early.

But you still have to research the token when you do Ok let's continue on our search: We'll click on ERC20 tokens and view all transactions and try to find something of interest between the scam airdrops. One transfer from 2 days ago catches my eye $FPIS

When I click on it, it is one of the only ones that actually has a website, social profiles, and of course frax finance is a household name in DeFi. Also there seems to be a lot of interest, only 2185 holders, which have been increasing rapidly. Interesting...

You could do a quick search on the token address in token god mode in @nansen_ai (you can try it out with a free 7day trial) Ok, I'll spill the beans with you - ALFALFA ALERT This is not the only whale who has been accumulating $FPIS in the last 4-5days.

So now, don't just blindly APE Follow the checklist: - Where are we in the cycle, can BTC rug us all if it dips? If so, how does that change your allocation? - Do your due diligence (Unless you can answer this, don't APE)

What is the circ. supply & max supply? Marketcap and FDV? Is there vesting/unlocks? What keeps the whales from dumping on you? Fundamentally strong project over longer time horizon (demand, use case etc.) What are long term incentives?

In my case a due diligence always involves a twitter search and looking into discord and whitepapers. And what do you know, one of the first things that comes up is this wonderful thread from @kamikaz_ETH

Let me tell you something about whales: They're people just like you and me. Sure some have insider knowledge. But whales make mistakes all the time. Some sell the bottom. Some get rugged just like you and me. Some are degenerate gamblers others have a lower risk appetite.

Unless you've been observing for months, you don't know which; A whale allocating 1mill to some degen play, doesn't mean you should go all-in. You don't know his total net worth (other wallets..) & how small % of his whole portfolio that is.

That's why you should always take on chain movements with a grain of salt

Give me a follow if you want more of this in the future Retweet (maybe after you aped 😉) so others can be educated as well. Next up will be: 🧵On Finding Alfa On-Chain: Youtube Infuencer Edition

Here is the original tweet, for the retweet. Hope you learned something new today ;)

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