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Revealing the exact process that took my blog to 31k visits per day – how to research, write & publish a new article (+ Bonus tip for extra traffic after publishing) Thread 🧵

Before I do anything else, I open up Google and enter my keyword Let's use "can you play pickleball on grass" as our example kw According to SEMrush, it has a … – Difficulty of 6 – Global Volume of 260 (read on to find out how I 'create' more Search Volume)

In the Google Results I check for … - search intent - word count of the top 5 articles - headline formula that's used - People Also Asked / related keywords While I'm analyzing the top results, I check if there's something, they've missed (like ToC) and c/p the headings

Now I know … - the aprox. word count of my article (should be around 1800 words) - what structure (c/p headlines) to use (see images below) - what tone of voice works best (personal experience / storytelling) Don't worry, it's almost time to write

Before I write a single word, I make sure to check the top 5 results (URLs) in SEMrush Disclaimer: I've used ahrefs in the past, but find myself using SEMrush more and more – feel free to test it here: (aff) This gives us a few KW variations …

… I can naturally implement while writing this article. Plus, it gave me a few ideas of subtopics I could add - Can pickleball be played on an artificial course? - (grass) backyard pickle court Pretty dope

Now we can start writing Let's start with the Intro If you've got trouble creating a solid introduction, take a look at this thread

Now we add a bunch of helpful content (+ our own experience playing pickle ball on grass) into our pre-built structure This should take around 1-4 hours, depending on your topical knowledge After you've finished writing your article, it's time to optimize

Make sure to … - highlight important sections / sentences / words - use the 'enter' key a lot to make the article more readable - add hq images (if possible, create them yourself) with alt text - use mini conclusions (bullets) for your sub topics (great for article skimmers)

- check for grammar & spelling mistakes - add (at least 1) Call to Action to your article (recommended reading, freebie & product) - add internal links to other relevant articles - create a solid Meta Description - create a great Social Media Image (Think YouTube Thumbnail)

Checked everything? Great, now hit the publish button We're almost done! After you've published your article, make sure to … - build a few links from old articles to the new one - ask Google to index the article (search Console) - share it (email list / social media)

Bonus Tip: After the article got indexed and aged a bit, it should get a few clicks and impressions in Google To find out what keyword variations you've missed, make sure to plug in the URL into your search console It will show you what queries you get impressions for …

… but no clicks: Optimize the article accordingly! Now, if you enjoyed this thread, I'd be super grateful if you like & RT the first tweet (see below) And follow me @saintvienna for more threads like of these I really appreciate it, thanks for reading!

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