Frank de Jonge

Frank de Jonge



Good strategies give options by providing direction. Bad strategies dictate choices and fall apart when direction changes. A good strategy gives a team autonomous, while allowing leadership to steer on the outcomes they want to aim for.

A bad strategy makes leadership responsible for the execution, removing ownership from the team(s). Naturally, leadership then complains about lack of ownership within teams while teams complain they are not in controle over their own destiny. This pattern is (sadly) very common.

🤦‍♂️A good strategy gives a team autonomy*

A good strategy gives options because it's often possible to reach a goal in many ways. Each of the options has its own up- and down-sides. Poor leadership focuses only on the ups while ignoring the downs. When teams deal with the downsides, it's often attributes to their skills.

Great leadership keeps track of their committed risks and anticipates needing to some of them materialising. Only a fool would naively accepts risks and never expecting to be affected by it.

Planning often focuses on "what if everything goes as expected", while in reality this never ever happens. I think you can call this Leadership Mania.

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