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You don't need a gym to get fit. Here are 8 simple ways to get in shape without stepping foot in a gym. //Thread 👇

1) Walk I don't run hardly ever, especially distance. But I walk multiple miles a day. The benefits of walking are nearly endless. - Improved posture - Improved heart health - Lower impact on joints - Reduced risk of chronic disease - Alleviates depression and fatigue

2) Bodyweight training You can get absolutely jacked doing only bodyweight exercises. Look at some of these calisthenics people demonstrating incredible strength! I had a friend in HS who only did pushups, pull ups, and lunges. He was the biggest and leanest guy on the block!

3) Play sports Not trying to be huge? Don't enjoy exercising for the sake of exercising? Find a sport you enjoy and play multiple times a week! Tennis, basketball, golf, and rock climbing are all great options!

4) Focus on diet The truth of the matter is, you can lose weight without doing anything other than getting your diet dialed in. It all comes in to calories in vs calories out. You may not have a lot of muscle mass, but if that's not your goal, this might be the right solution.

5) Play with your kids My kids are go, go, go all day long. I'm sure yours are the same! Just trying to keep up with them (or setting the pace!) will burn a ton of calories and help keep you active. Plus you get to bond with your children! Win win.

6) Take the stairs You've heard this one before. And yes, while taking the stairs vs the elevator will burn you more calories The real takeaway here is to make more health conscious decisions throughout your day.

7) Jump Rope/Shadow Boxing Ever tried jumping rope for an extended period of time? Talk about a workout! Throw in some shadow boxing and your bound to break a sweat. And you only need a $10 piece of equipment and your set!

8) Resistance Band Training Don't want to buy a bunch of expensive weights that will take up a bunch of space in your home? Resistance bands are a great solution. Every traditional resistance exercise can be done with a band alternative. All for about $50 on Amazon. 💪

Hopefully you found this thread useful and can implement some of these to make your training more convenient! If so, please: 1) Follow me @MikeSchiff_ for more fitness tips 2) RT the first tweet in the thread to share! 👇

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