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β€’ Mughal made us Rich β€’ Concept of India as a country was 1st established by Mughals β€’ World know us coz of Mughals This idea have been slowly entrenched in our mind to the extent that Hindus today is going through Historic amnesia of their own glorious past. #Thread

Entire world today doesnt know much about India beyond Mughal Raj & Taj Mahal barely acquainted with the root culture of India. Here's an example of how this world view is getting ingrained: I googled #IncredibleIndia & here are a few images that popped up. ++

Apparently a patriotic image with #Indianflag . Now jus check the monuments in the letters. β€’ Qutub Minar β€’ Taj Mahal β€’ CharMinar β€’ Red fort β€’ Lotus temple ++

So every thing that is incredible in India is credited to Mughals. Lotus temple might have a temple in its name but let's see what is exactly #Lotustemple "A space for all religion to gather & worship" thus embedding #Secularism . Not a single Hindu Monuments in 5 letters.

Some more images of @incredibleindia.All these images depicts M0sques. Barely a single depiction of Hindu place of worship anywhere. Max Indic touch u can see are a few of our dance forms.

If a country is still 80% Hindu shouldn't 80% of this images have Hindu touch for fair representation of Bharat Varsh to the entire world?

Look at this image now. A promotion of Maharashtra also has #TajMahal in it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Is Taj Mahal located in Maharashtra? Or does @incredibleindia perceive Maharashtra has nothing worthwhile of its own heritage to get a notable place in it's promotion?

@incredibleindia is the name of an international tourism campaign maintained by the Govt. Of India to promote tourism in India. Does the @tourismgoi wants to project India's image to the world only through its invaders whitewashing it's Indic roots? -an ardent traveler

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