♡kenma’s girl♡

♡kenma’s girl♡



#miyacest | omegaverse Atsumu hated being an alpha, why couldn’t he be a sweet cute little omega? Then the bite marks that Osamu left in his neck woldn’t dissapear. If he was an omega he could’ve carried Osamu’s pups, and be the perfect wife for him.

His body could’ve taken Osamu easily just with slick, no need to use lotion and prep at all. He hated when people talk about them finding the perfect mate to marry and have children when they already have eachother.

But then, Samu would tell him that he loves that Tsumu is an alpha just like him, two halves of the same person, that he enjoys finger him open and feeling so tight around him.

He tells him how much he loves his strong and thick thighs around his waist when he was pounding inside him so hard without any fear of breaking him bc he knows Atsumu can happily take it.

So when Osamu tells him they don’t need bite marks or children to prove their love, Atsumu believes him. // end

its soo late and im sleepy but i couldn’t stop thinking abt alpha Miya twins and Atsumu totally hating it bc he just wants to be a fragile omega for Osamu to protect 🥺💖 also sorry if there’s any mistakes, im still practicing my english and my nsfw grammar 😹

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