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Positive self-talk is a superpower. Reframe these 20 negative words into empowering ones: 1. Failure ➜ Learning

2. Exhausted ➜ Playing in overtime 3. Disappointed ➜ Delayed 4. Stuck ➜ Exploring new angles 5. Overwhelmed ➜ In demand

6. Overwhelmed ➜ Some imbalance 7. Depressed ➜ On the road to a turnaround 8. Embarrassed ➜ Aware 9. Rejected ➜ Misunderstood / Overlooked 10. Nervous ➜ Energized

11. Lost ➜ Searching 12. Hate ➜ I prefer 13. Sick ➜ Cleansing 14. Stupid ➜ Unresourceful 15. Destroyed ➜ Set-back

16. Drained ➜ Recharging 17. Afraid ➜ Uncomfortable 18. Furious ➜ Passionate 19. Sad ➜ Sorting my thoughts 20. Have to ➜ Get to

Why this works: Euphemisms for negative words help you lower the intensity BEFORE you seek to understand the emotion. (So they don't impact you as powerfully) The goal is NOT to pretend the emotion isn't there. The goal is to deal with the emotion...on YOUR terms.

I think about this quote often: "The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." –Ludwig Wittgenstein

I curated these 20 word transformations from Tony Robbins' book, "Awaken the Giant Within." Must-read classic.

What words do you habitually use (whether self-talk or vocalized) that create negative feelings in your life? If they didn't make this list, come up with your own alternatives. Write 3 down today ✔✔✔

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