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X Steps To Make Your Girl Obsess Over You (Following risks your relationship) - Thread

1 Never Apologize You must always be right; even when you’re wrong. Call it toxic masculinity. Even when you verbally apologize (When your carelessness leads to the death of the dog) half-ass the apology. She must never feel like you’re genuinely, wholeheartedly sorry.

2 Never Beg Playfully, seriously, I don’t care in what context. Never beg her. Ever. If she throws a tantrum, disappear. Let her look for you and apologize for her behavior.

3 Bully Her Daily Every conversation must have some subtle element of bullying. The correct mixture is bullying, a bit of romance, and some arrogance to top it off. Show her you love her, but you enjoy bullying her as well.

Consider that the bond between a brother and sister is very strong because of the element of bullying. Even if the brother is younger, he will still bully his sister. Bring this dynamic into your relationship, plus it is enjoyable.

4 Don’t Make Joint Decisions Decide and let her know what’s going to happen. “Hey babe, so how are we gonna…” you’re trying to include her in decision making and thinking in the relationship. Weak. Stop sharing your responsibilities. Just update her.

5 Other Guys There’s always this idea that pretending like you don’t care about other guys hitting on her will make her love you more because you’re not the jealous type. You’re wrong my friend. You must show her you do care. After all, you want her. Don’t show a willingness...

...to share. Say things like “I don’t want you talking to that guy…” then do absolutely NOTHING to ensure she follows through. Just observe. Tell her and know she will do what you say. Don’t threaten her with “I will end the relationship” or any of that shit.

6 Never Make Threats If you’re going to do it, do it. Don’t make threats. Threats are for those who are undecided about what they want to do. You’re trying to force her into compliance which is evident you’ve lost your authority in the relationship.

7 Never Be Bitter If she does something that offends you, ignore her. If she calls, pick up. Don’t busy her calls. Tell her you will talk later, and call her when you feel like it. Don’t throw temper tantrums, speak normally, no emotions in your voice (you’re not a teenager ffs)

You’re not maintaining a frame, you’re being an entity worthy of worship. One she can look up to, who is above the pettiness she is prone to.

The only acceptable relationship dynamic between a man and his lover is that in which she obsesses over him. Anything less is unacceptable. If you’re obsessed with her then the relationship is upside down and will never work. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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