#miyacestober2022 Day 31: dress up. Osamu looks stunning. Atsumu has always thought his brother is the hottest man alive, but now, with this outfit, Atsumu is convinced Osamu is and will be the most handsome man in world history. Kita was getting married to Aran, so he invited—

the twins to the ceremony. Because of that, both of them had to go buy some suits to have a decent look for the wedding. What Atsumu didn't expect, though, is how fucking good Osamu would look dressed up like that. It almost made him want to skip the wedding and, instead, spend—

all day in bed with his twin. "Oi, ya on Earth or what?" Osamu said when he noticed Atsumu was spacing out. The second their eyes met, Atsumu couldn't stop himself: "Marry me, Samu" "Huh?" "Marry me, be my husband" At that, Osamu smacked him in the head. "Stop saying—

nonsense and hurry, else we'll be late" He turned to leave, but Atsumu caught his arm and made him crash into his chest. Before Osamu could protest, Atsumu kissed him. Hard and deep. Osamu wasn't able to resist it. He gave himself into the contact. When they separated, Atsumu—

looked him right in the eyes. "Marry me, Samu. And I'll promise ya I'll make you the happiest man alive" Osamu swallowed. He nodded. "Yeah, fine. I'll marry you" and then, they kissed again.

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