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BIG NEWS if you run YouTube Ads! 2 MAJOR updates at Google that will change the way you run YouTube Ads to get leads, calls, and clients... 1. Keywords, Placements, and Topic targeting is officially gone for good! 2. Google just released their own Ads Library! (FULL THREADπŸ‘‡)

If you create a new video conversion campaign right now inside your Google Ads account and then try to add Keywords, you'll get a message that looks like this: "You can no longer add content targeting to video campaigns that drive conversions because it can limit performance..."

The same with Topics, if you try to add topics, you'll get the same message... But don't panic! This is GOOD news. Google Ads is switching out "Content targeting", meaning you being able to target specific videos, channels/videos with "Custom Segments" Here's what those are:

"Custom Segments" are exactly what the name sounds like... custom audiences YOU create. But to create these audiences, you'll still need to input Keywords! Here's how they work: This first custom segment type is what we call "Custom Affinity" (pic below)

^This is an audience you can create based on keywords that target "People with any of these interests or purchase intentions". Definitely more BROAD & typically should be tested AFTER you find some "Custom Search" audiences that convert. Which brings up to "Custom Search"πŸ‘‡

It allows you to target "People who searched for any of these terms on Google"... Which is by far the most powerful & profitable type of custom segment audience, it's "Intent" based. Meaning people are literally searching for the keywords you're telling Google you wanna target

And last but not least... "Custom Websites", which allows you to target "People who browse websites similar to" So here's where you'd wanna put competitor's funnels, websites, and any other related websites that might be where your audience is hanging out already.

You can also combine all 3 of these segments we just went over together and mix/match as you see fit. So again, this is a GOOD thing... Because now you're inputing the keywords you once got to use, into these custom segment audiences to create your own combinations of audiences

Now, for the 2nd MAJOR update... 2. NEW Google Ads Library Yupp, just like Facebook Ads library, you can now easily look up your competitors ads on Google and YouTube... Here's how:

First start by searching some of your competitors names, or companies on Google... Then if/when you see an ad from them, click on these 3 dots next to the ad πŸ‘‡

This page will pop up (pic below) Make sure you have any Ad Blockers OFF, then click on "See more ads by this advertiser" πŸ‘‡

You'll then be taken to a page where you can easily see ALL the Google search ads they're currently running πŸ‘‡

And then you can click on "All formats", and select "Image", or "Video". When you select "Video"... BAM! Now you can see any/all YouTube ads that your competitors are running πŸ™‚ (pic below.) THANK YOU GOOGLE!

Anyways, that's enough from me today lmao... Hope this was helpful πŸ™‚ P.S. want me to make a more in-depth video on how to go about creating "Custom Segment" audiences specifically? Been getting a ton of questions about this new update so if "YES", reply "YES" and let me know!

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