#miyacestober2022 Day 11: Secret relationship & brazen Osamu felt like he could die. Every time Atsumu was in an interview, the same exact situation happened. It didn't matter how many times the journalists had asked nor the fact that Atsumu never cave in. It always happened.

And the questions they kept on asking were: How's your sentimental life going? You've got anyone, yet? Being Atsumu one of the most wanted bachelor's of the country, it was logical that the magazine's were dying to know if he was available or not for sure. And, if he wasn't, —

who was he in a relationship with. But Atsumu always said the same: that he was a free spirit, that he could not be chained to anyone in that way, or else, he would go insane. That response usually let down reporters. Especially the times it was obvious that they were—

interested in the volleyball star. It was normal. Atsumu was easy-going and extremely handsome. Any normal person would have a crush on him. And that also included Osamu. Whose heart ached everytime Atsumu was asked who he was with. Because he knew his brother could never tell—

truth. Could never answer honestly and tell the world that the one he loved was his twin brother. Or so Osamu thought, until that day came. Until after the game against the Adlers, which had ended with MSBY as winners and all the players euphoric. Atsumu had been asked yet—

again the same question. 'Is there anyone yet?' And Atsumu, the bastard, with all his beauty and cockyness, had finally given an answer: "You know… I think I might have found someone" "Really?!?" "Yeah" "And who is it?" "My own reflection" #####################

Sooo I know I'm late for day 11, but I liked the prompts too much to not write anything for them hahhaha Hope you liked it!!❤️❤️❤️

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