#miyacestober2022 Day 4: Confined spaces/Companions “Hey… it’s ok…” Osamu whispers. Atsumu’s shoulders just shake more, his sobs becoming a bit louder. “No, it’s not” he murmurs, his voice sounding hoarse from all the crying and the snot in his nose. “Why do they gotta fight—

every day? Why can’t they be happy?” Osamu swallows. He doesn’t know. He’d love to answer his brother’s questions, but he’s only twelve years old an he doesn’t know why their parents fight. Why they are always screaming and shouting. Throwing glasses and —

shattering them into pieces. Don’t they see that they aren’t only hurting themselves, but their kids too? Probably not, judging by where both the twins are right now. Hidden inside the closet of their room. It’s a tiny space. Even more for the two of them. They cannot even—

stretch their arms without touching the end of the closet. Their knees are sticked together and their shoulders are bumping constantly. It’s so uncomfortable. Still, none of them is gonna get out any sooner The shouts are still loud and clear. Atsumu cries harder when they hear—

the sound of a smack. With a morbid curiosity, Osamu wonders who’s the one whose gotten hit this time. Mum? Dad? It really doesn’t matter, as long as it isn’t Atsumu or himself. No, it doesn’t matter at all. That’s something Osamu and Atsumu have learned to know. —

It’s not important, as long as their parents don’t hurt them. After all, it seems the twins are the only ones who are gonna love themselves in this world. The younger twin puts an arm around the other and brings him closer. Atsumu let’s Osamu manhandle him and set him into his—

chest. He closes his eyes and hugs him closer. “Mum and dad will never stop” Osamu tells him. “But I’m here. You’re here, with me. And we’ll never do the things they do.” No” Atsumu agrees, cleaning his nose and eyes “I will never ever hurt you, Samu. And I won’t let them do—

any harm to you, you hear me?”. Atsumu’s face is determined when he says that. It makes Osamu smile with fondness. “For being such a crybaby, you sure know how to sound heroic” he teases. That earns him a little smack in the head. “Shut up! You also cry, sometimes!”—

Osamu scrunches his face and sticks his tongue out at his brother. “But you’re the one who cries the most! Therefore, I’m the strongest twin!” At that, Atsumu separates himself from his brother. He looks at him for a few seconds, a frown on his forehead, and then, he jumps—

over Osamu. But the closet is so small there barely any room for them to fight like they always do. They end up against the wall. Atsumu on top of his brother, with the hand of Osamu on his hair, pulling hard. It hurts, but when they lock eyes, everything disappears. —

Suddenly, there’s no more shouts coming from the kitchen, no more shattering, no more cries. Only them. In that little closet. “Samu, I…” The words die at the back of his throat. Osamu’s hand has lost his force and is now caressing Atsumu’s scalp. With such tenderness, he—

feels weird. Like warm, and dizzy and afraid and happy. He really doesn’t know how to describe it. “What are you doing?” “Huh? I… I just… your hair is so soft, Tsumu” confesses Osamu. Atsumu’s face goes a bit red at that. He then puts his own hand in his twin’s brown locks—

of hair. He bites his lips. “Your’s also really soft…” “Yeah?” “Yeah…” They fall silent after that. None of them moving. They just keep passing their fingers through the others hair. After a few minutes, Atsumu’s hand dares to wander a bit further. He makes it descend—

until he reaches Osamu’s cheeks. And then, after that, he brings his fingertips to his twin’s lips. They are so pink and humid. It’s pleasant to touch them. “I love you.” Osamu whispers out of the blue. Atsumu’s eyes grow wider. “What?” “I love you” he repeats. Firmer, this—

time “More than you’ll ever be able to understand” Atsumu remains quiet for a moment, processing his brothers words. Then, a small smile spreads over his mouth. “I love you too, Samu. So, so, so much.” “I doubt you love me the same way that I do, though.” Osamu says, a sad—

in his eyes. “Why do you think so?” Atsumu responds. Osamu brings his hand to cup Atsumu’s cheek. “I just know it.” A second. And then— The next thing Osamu registers is that Atsumu is kissing him. On the lips. It’s a messy and unskilled kiss, but it’s a kiss after all. —

And it’s Atsumu the one who’s giving it to him. When they part, Osamu is speechless. He can only look at the way Atsumu is so red and still feels so brave. “What..?” “I told you I love you” Atsumu says, a bit of harshness in his voice “And I’ll do anything to prove it to you”—

The younger twin looks at the other bewildered. But an instant later, another smack is heard from the kitchen and the screams gain volume again. Atsumu gets off of Osamu and curls into his arms. He recives him without a problem and kisses his head. “It’s ok, Tsumu, it’s ok…”—

His brother shakes his head. “No. It’ll never be ok. But…” Atsumu looks up, connecting glances with his twin “If I have you, I know we’ll be good. I love you, Samu. Really.” Osamu feels his hearts squish at that. There’s so much trust, so much love in Atsumu’s gaze. —

He feels warm and happy at his side. As if they weren’t hiding in a closest from their parents discussions, but in the safest place on Earth. He hugs Atsumu with more strength. Until he can feel his bones start to creak. Next, he brings his mouth to his brothers and kisses it—

lightly. Atsumu returns the gesture. When they stop, Osamu leans his forehead to his brother’s. “Promise me you’ll never leve me.” A kiss. “I’ll never leave you, Samu.” Another kiss. “Never?” “Never.” ####################

Ok! Day 4 completed! 2 forms in one thread! Now let's see if I'll be able to write something more for the twins birthdays! Have an amazing day! ❤️❤️

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