sam winchester (#supernatural) & eleven/jane hopper (#strangerthings) parallels โ€” a thread:

โ€ผspoiler alert for stranger things season 4, proceed with cautionโ€ผ โ€” a special thanks to @lesbiansamwena for helping me with this thread <3

both of their mothers have been taken away from them when they were little by people who were interested in them and wanted to use them for their own gains.

being different from the beginning, feeling like a freak, like they don't belong.

feeling of monstrosity.


having powers.

being pushed to let out a great evil into the world unknowingly and blaming themselves for it.

being the only person with the ability to save the world from said evil.

being called a hero.

getting tricked/manipulated by someone pretending to be their friend.

returning to the same traumatizing place where they spent years suffering in so they could find a way to defeat a new evil.

they were both destroying something evil here and in doing so they looked evil but they actually weren't. (however, while in sam's case destroying lilith made his eyes go black, for el it was 001 who made her eyes bleed rather than the act of destroying him.)

having complicated relationship with their fathers.

their fathers being worried about their kids' safety (which resulted in them being kind of controlling.)

also el seeking out 008 and trying to connect with someone else like her and sam doing the same with the special children.


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