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[Thread 1/21] Anti-Intellectual aspect of Fascism. Fascist politics seeks to undermine public discourse by attacking and devaluing education, expertise, and language.

Intelligent debate is impossible without an education with access to different perspectives. A respect for expertise when one’s own knowledge gives out, and a rich enough language to precisely describe reality. (2/21)

When education, expertise, linguistic distinctions are undermined, there remains only power and tribal identity. This doesn’t mean that there is no role for universities in fascist politics. In fascism, there is only one legitimate viewpoint, that of the dominant nation. (3/21)

Schools introduce students to the dominant culture and its mythic past. Education therefore either poses a grave threat to fascism or becomes a pillar of support for the mythical nation. (4/21)

It’s no wonder, then, that protests and cultural clashes on campuses represent a true political battleground and receive national attention. The stakes are high. For many years, universities have been the epicenter of protest against injustice and authoritarian overreach (5/21)

Fascist politics seeks to undermine the credibility of institutions that harbor independent voices of dissent until they can be replaced by media and universities that reject those voices. One typical method is to level accusations of hypocrisy. (6/21)

Right now, a contemporary RW campaign is charging universities with hypocrisy on the issue of free speech. Universities, they say, claim to hold free speech in the highest regard but suppress any voices that don’t lean left by allowing protests against them on campus. (7/21)

Within universities, fascist politicians target professors they deem too political—typically, too Liberal—and denounce entire areas of study. When fascist movements are under way in liberal democratic states, certain academic disciplines are singled out. (8/21)

For example, in 2018, the UGC has written to all central universities that the service rules will be applicable for the universities teachers, thus criticising the govt will be a violation of service rule. Means that they can be dismissed for speaking against the govt. (9/21)

Gender studies, for instance, comes under fire from far-right nationalist movements across the world. The professors and teachers in these fields are accused of disrespect to the traditions of the nation. (10/21)

Fascist opposition to gender studies, in particular, flows from its patriarchal ideology. National Socialism targeted women’s movements and feminism generally. For the Nazis, feminism was a Jewish conspiracy to destroy fertility among Aryan women. (11/21)

Fascist politics, however, makes room for the study of myths as fact. The function of the education system is to glorify the mythic past, elevating the achievements of members of the nation and obscuring the perspectives and histories of those who do not belong. (12/21)

In a process sometimes tendentiously called “decolonizing” the curriculum, neglected perspectives are incorporated, thereby ensuring that students have a full view of history’s actors. Adjusting the curriculum in this way is not mere “political correctness.” (13/21)

Representing the voices of all of those whose existence has shaped and formed the world in which we live provides an essential means of protection against fascist myth. The goal of general education in the schools and universities is to instill pride in the mythic past; (14/21)

Fascist education extols academic disciplines that reinforce hierarchal norms and national tradition. For the fascist, schools & universities are there to indoctrinate national or religion pride, conveying for example the glorious achievements of the dominant religion. (15/21)

Efforts to shape curricula to nationalist ends are under way around the world. Its goal is to deemphasize secular ideals and eliminate scientific theories that run counter to religious ideology, such as evolution. (16/21)

Fascist leaders are instead “men of action” with no use for consultation or deliberation. Once universities and experts have been delegitimized, fascist politicians are free to create their own realities, shaped by their own individual will. (17/21)

In 2014, when climate science is mocked and derided by Modi, we see the triumph of the disparagement of scientific expertise. By rejecting the value of expertise, fascist politicians also remove any requirement for sophisticated debate. (18/21)

Reality is always more complex than our means of representing it. In a healthy liberal democracy, a public language with a rich and varied vocabulary to make distinctions is a vital democratic institution. Without it, healthy public discourse is impossible. (19/21)

It is a core tenet of fascist politics that the goal of oratory should not be to convince the intellect, but to sway the will. “The mysticism of Fascism is the proof of its triumph. Reasoning does not attract, emotion does.” ~Italian fascist magazine (1925). (20/21)

By debasing institutions of higher learning and impoverishing our joint vocabulary to discuss policy, fascist politics reduces debate to ideological conflict. Via such strategies, fascist politics degrades information spaces, occluding reality. (21/21)

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