expect the new: a thread.

one thing i used to be guilty of was, even though i was telling the new story, i was still expecting people to show up the same way they used to. i was still expecting things from the old story.

examples of this can still be expecting someone to be mean, expecting yourself to still get less money, expecting things to still not go your way. once you pick a new story, expect things that line up with it because guess what?

things are different when you decide a new story, so are people and things and you can’t expect the same. you can’t expect old things anymore because you are not living that life anymore. that’s not who you ARE anymore. they will show up differently because YOU ARE.

your life is going in a different direction to your consciousness and everyone will follow. begin to expect behaviour that matches the story you want. EXPECT WHAT YOU WANT. you are not made to expect your old story.

so cut the shit, stop expecting them to leave if they have before. THAT IS THE PAST AND THINGS ARE DIFFERENT NOW. THIS IS A NEW CHAPTER. expect them to show up loving because you’re telling a new story. you can’t tell the new story and have the same old expectations.

if you’re choosing a new direction for your life, choose new expectations. CHOOSE what you want to expect. would the person in the new story expect anything else? no because it doesn’t match that narrative.

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