Gems of Bollywood

Gems of Bollywood



The worst of Bollywood of 90s where they glorified stalking, faking identity to win over a girl, getting frauds to pose as parents to meet girl’s father, is back in 2020 Repackaged as animated content for kids and shown on Doordarshan, no less! Can’t believe? See this thread

Skull cap boy Sheikh Chilli has a pet Bulbul, who stalks a she-donkey & dreams of “friendship” with her. When she reveals she is only daughter of crorepati seth Heeralal, Bulbul faints. Note that the name Bulbuli is hint to kids she is made for Bulbul

Bulbul is besotted with Bulbuli for her looks alone. Khatku declares she is Bulbul’s “jaan”. Bulbul says he’s too small for rich Bulbuli. Sheikh Chilli & Noorie Jinn promise Bulbul they would do anything to get her What message is it sending to kids?

Sheikh Chilli & gang approach Bulbuli when she is alone. Noorie does magic so Bulbuli agrees to talk. Sheikh offers that Bulbul can show Bulbuli around. Bulbuli agrees Message to kids: True friends help patao the girl. And its fine to go with strangers

Seth Heeralal, looking for Bulbuli, finds her with the gang. He calls them “chane murmure khane wale”. Scull cap boy lies that Bulbul is a prince Lesson: Seths are money-minded & evil; loafers are nice & rich-hearted. And it’s okay to lie to patao a girl

Scull cap boy is so determined to get his friend his chosen girl that he fakes a building as Bulbul’s palace. Also fakes bulbul as a rich prince Money-minded Seth is impressed by the fakery. The gang uses Noorie’s magic to further impress Bulbuli

Sheikh Chilli’s friend Mallika pleads her father to pose as Bulbul’s father - king of Chinchpokli - to impress Seth. Mallika’s father refuses - not because he finds it unethical but because he is busy.  But so what? Gang will now patao a policeman

Finally, Bulbul manages to impress Seth by catching a thief running away with Seth’s money. When Seth allows Bulbul to have “friendship” with Bulbuli, the two hug.  Gang cheers - “Yuvraj Bulbul ki jai ho” Episode ends. Show - Sheikh Chilli and Friendz

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